What all have you killed with a shotgun?? Please say BEAR.

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  1. condition1

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    this should be interesting. If this doesn't belong in 'caliber' feel free to move, mods.
  2. I have killed deer, squirrel, turkey, dove, rabbits, a rabid dog once upon a time, racoons, mice, a CRAPLOAD of clay pidgeons, a bunch of real pidgeons..... What else.... Some old tires, a ULTRA CRAP LOAD of paper targets.... some other empty shotgun shell hulls... cardboard... OH!!! A South Georgia wild hog!!! That one was cool!!! 000 buckshot put her down for good!!!!

    Was that what you wanted?

  3. Ari

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    What are you really asking? Though I have not killed a bear with a shotgun there are plenty of bear that been taken with shotgun slugs.
  4. Silicon Wolverine

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    jackrabbit, cottontail, dog, cat, coon, badger, fox, coyote, snakes of various disreptue, deer, antelope and while it wasnt technically a shotgun, i did shoot a squirrel in my basement with a .357 mag shot round.

  5. Lots if time at the skeet range and most of what everyone else done kilt too.
  6. condition1

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    Well, all the 762x54 had gotten so heated that I just thought we should all talk about something else. It was a legit question though. Just to get a feel for what people hunt.
    as for me: various brands of duck, squirrels, beaver, turtles, snakes, nuisance birds, rabbit, coons, possums, beaver.
    "Lots of time", good one rimfirehunter.
  7. rabbit, squirrel, deer, etc.

    You don't need a shotgun to kill a bear. I know a guy who got one trapped in a thicket and beat it to death with a stick :shock:
  8. Grouse, coyote and fox...
  9. Fourboxes

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    You don't even need a shotgun for that, just a shell and a magic marker. Write his name on the shell, put it on the mantle, ask what time they'll be home.
  10. well I really cant say, but you sure find out who your true friends are when there is a body to get rid of......... wait a minute, I never said that :)

    Seriously, rabbits, squirrel, quail, the occasional trouble making dog or cat.
  11. BDW2084

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    Couple gray squirrels and a turkey.
  12. SteveD

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    my old '61 Plymouth Fury,deer, 5 gallon buckets full of water and paper targets. At the price of slugs the 870 don't get used to much any more :(
  13. zombiehunter

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    how much constitutes as a "crapload"? lol
  14. Turkey, geese, ducks, dove, white tail and mule deer, feral hogs, and one metric crapload of rabbits. All of these were taken with shot type loads, I dont really like slugs unless you trade out for a rifled barrel but if you did i dont see why it wouldnt be an effective weapon for brown or black bear hunting but honestly i would prefer something with better range and penetration for anything bigger like grizzly or kodiak.
  15. 3daughters

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    Paper and many, many clay pigeons.
  16. John H

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    What kind of bear are you looking to shoot? Anything's possible, that's when a good P.H. earns his pay as insurance.
  17. condition1

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    I have no desire to shoot a bear. They are too scarce in AR. I questioned once, if given the opportunity, that I might trap one and turn in loose in the office one Monday morning. I'm jiving, or course.

    I wondered what type of hunting most people do.

    I do want to photograph a bear in the worst way.
  18. I've killed squirrels and birds with .410 bore. And many many boards and pieces of paper with 12 gauge. :mrgreen:
  19. ziggy222

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    i know that in hippo infested waters the gun of choice for self defence is a shotgun loaded with slugs.you should have no problem with bear