What AMMO did you SCORE TODAY???

Discussion in 'Caliber Zone' started by undeRGRound, Apr 20, 2015.


    TNTRAILERTRASH Supporting Member

    Don't need one..........I'm "gifted."
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  2. That made me laugh out loud.

  3. shepherd321

    shepherd321 Supporting Member

    1 20 round box 45-70 45.00
  4. OldOutlaw

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  5. shepherd321

    shepherd321 Supporting Member

    Its about 5.00 cheaper on line but I need it for Saturday.
  6. OldOutlaw

    OldOutlaw Supporting Member

    Better than not having any I guess.
  7. Hipointer

    Hipointer Member

    Got 9 boxes of Winchester 9mm JHP, as well as other stuff, as part of a gun trade.
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  8. I ordered 340 rounds of brass cased full metal jacket 7.62 x 39. It did not arrive. I called the company I ordered from. They said they were out of that ammo type but would give me 680 rounds of 7.62 x 39 steel cased, full metal jacket, Barnaul brand, non-corrosive ammo for the same price. With shipping and everything I got 680 rounds for very close to $221.
  9. Visper

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    Picked up (2) Winchester SuperX and (2) Federal Power Shock both in 30-30 @ Walmart, actually had some. $16.00 a box.

    Had a hell of a time finding it and wanted to use my 336 this year for deer.

    TNTRAILERTRASH Supporting Member

    Don't mamby pamby around. Name them! They didn't contact you to tell you the bad news. You had to rattle their cage. I don't want to buy from a seller that acts like them.
    Please name them.
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  11. They had not contacted me in about six business days after I placed the initial order. I called them and got through almost immediately to someone who was polite and gave me good customer service. I have ordered twice from them and I think they give good customer service in my opinion. It was Trueshot Gun Club.

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    TNTRAILERTRASH Supporting Member

    How overdue were they when you contacted them? Did they already give you a tracking number. Mr.Gunsandgear has links to their instock "deals."

    I was looking at them to buy 7.62x51, and 30-06. The brass cased surplus they had were steel projectiles.
  13. Had some luck today at a LGS..paid too much for it, and limit 1 bx of each unless you were using it on their range. 20200920_160828.jpg
  14. Fracman

    Fracman Member

    70A0F0BD-CB47-426E-9712-89DF494CAF3B.jpeg Found 100 rounds of match 22lr ammo I wonder how it will group
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  15. gambler

    gambler Member

    At what distance ?
  16. Fracman

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    Longest confirmed hit with my 22 is 425 yards so far. I will shoot a 50 yard test group to see if I want to buy more of this ammo
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  17. SWAGA

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    What did you hit and you’re paying $0.33/round for .22lr?!
  18. Fracman

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    16” X 16” target and with taxes I paid $.36 per round.
  19. Think1st

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    Well, it sounds like you got your money out of those rounds. What kind of rifle did you use?
  20. Fracman

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    That was with the Ruger 22 lr RPR shooting CCI standard velocity ammo
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