What AMMO did you SCORE TODAY???

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    When was I broke? I offered to pay last time and payment was refused. Someone got a GSG Firefly and one box of 50 at the store. A box of 325 is like gold right now. I was going to sell it for $50 as it only cycles in my revolver..................... My S&W's hate it. That includes the 15-22.
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  2. He was joking Tennessee, but I think you already know that.

    I would be willing to swap some .22 Long Rifle for brass cased 7.62 x 39 or 7.62 x 51 ammo with others.
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  3. OldOutlaw

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    Perhaps for Brass cased Yugoslavian military ammo? Case of 1260 rounds. Expensive to ship a crate. And how much 22lr you got for a crate of Yugo? :)

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    Don't forget to mention the Yugo is corrosive.
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    Uhhh, if a person does not know they have corrosive primers they shouldn't even think about Military Surplus Trashy.
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  6. Not nearly enough .22 Long Rifle for that trade. After inspecting I have less .22 ammo to trade then I previously thought. There is not enough to make a trade worthwhile since most ammo out there is priced like it has solid silver in the bullets at the present time. I should have also said I wanted non-corrosive ammo since I don't feel like thoroughly cleaning my rifle to get all the corrosive junk out after firing.
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    I bought 1500+ rounds of Federal 22 lr from Academy last week for 4.5 cents a round. They had plenty of CCI mini-mag for 8 cents a round.
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    Uuuuh you didn't disclose the info. Mega is just getting into the x39 commie round. I think he has a job, a family, and other things that pull on his time.
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    Yah Mega didn't know, did he?
    I thought he was an old dude, like the three of us
    Welp, You and O.O are older than Mole :rotfl:
    I agree, anyone who asks about mil-surp should know
    to ask about corrosive primers. 99% of the time it is...
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    Did you clean the I.O? If so how was it?
  11. I have Australian 7.62 x 51 military surplus ammo that was made in the 1970s I believe. It does not have corrosive primers. But I am guessing a lot of military surplus 7.62 x 39 ammo does have corrosive primers.
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  12. undeRGRound

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    yup COMMIE Mil-Surp = corrosive (AK feed)

    I have a few (<300) brass AK rounds, South African, yup Corrosive
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    I bought 4 50 round boxes of 40 S&W at $17.50 a box. I also bought 4 boxes of the hard to find 9mm at $17.99 box.
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    What brand 9mm?
    That is a premium price for a vanilla round...
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    Would be nice if Academy would ship ammo. There are no stores any where around these parts.
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    Target sells ammunition?


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    Only to card carrying BLM members who they monetarily support.
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    Target Sports
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    Premium price ??
    Look how The Fin Feather Fur Oufitters is ripping off the people in Ohio
    I used to buy this ammo at their Middleburg Hts. location for $11.99 per box of 50 rounds.

    Look now !!, and you are allowed just one box per customer


    This ammo was $10.99 per box of 50


    And if you visit their stores, there is a long line of people outside, to buy their overpriced ammo.

    I'm so glad I started reloading, that when I see this, I just want to kiss myself :clap::bounce::thumbsup: