With Hi-Point firearms being world class in terms of affordability and obtainability, you want to (excuse the pun) get the most bang for your buck. With that being said, many Hi-Point owners ask what the best type of ammunition is for their guns? Here at Hi-Point Forums, we are looking at this

Loads that seem to work fine

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Hi-Point carbines such as the 995, 4095, and 4595 tend to be almost jam proof with just about every sort of modern factory ammunition. Full-metal jacketed rounds loaded to standard pressure feed the best, whereas sometimes hollow points have a feed issue. When this occasional feed issue is found, a little fine-tuning of the magazine feed lips can usually get the problem under control. Aluminum cased CCI Blazer, and steel cased Wolf/Tula imported rounds sometimes deform on extraction but that really isn't that much of an issue as these cases aren't typically valuable to reloaders anyway.

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C9 likes most FMJ rounds like Federal, UMC yellow box, Remington Green box, Wolf, Winchester white box, Magtech, or Independence. For high power stuff, Federal and CCI JHPs work more often than not.

Problem children

In the 9mm C9 pistol, heavier loads such as 147grain seem to give some people problems extracting. Snappier light loads such as 115-gain, and mid-size loads like 124s cycle more reliably. Some Hi-Point pistols such as the C9 have long had documented issues with feeding various hollow points and exotic rounds (such as plastic-tipped snake shot) reliably. Stay away from unjacketed cast bullets in your C9 due to fouling issues.

What the factory recommends

As a rule in standard testing at the factory, MKS/Hi-Point uses steel cased Wolf ammunition, one of the best deals on the market for function firing.

From the MKS factory YouTube Channel: This video is in response to the question we receive all the time about what ammo can be used in Hi-Point Firearms. Hi-Point firearms are tested at the factory with steel cased ammo; some shooters do not like steel ammo and feel that it is harder on the firearm. With Hi-Point this is not the case, any brand of ammo will work in your Hi-Point.

Closing thoughts

Here comes the bad news: any Hi-Point can jam with any ammunition you buy, but so can any other firearm. I once bought a new-in-the-box Kimber that had to be sent back to the factory three times before it fed anything reliably-- and it's still picky. In my 'day job' as a firearms trainer in the force protection industry I have seen brand new SIGs and Glocks come out of the box and bind right on up on the first magazine. It happens. Even with modern CNC manufacturing techniques and quality control, a firearm is still dozens of parts that all have to be exactly to spec and assembled perfectly or you will have a problem. With 300-million firearms in circulation out there, even 'one in a million' type of oddball problems happen 300 times by that logic.
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It's very possible to buy five C9's and have 3 of them shoot Wolf 9mm just fine and jam on every Winchester round they try-- but the 4th pistol will gobble the Winchester like gum drops and jam on Wolf. What about the 5th pistol? Well, it's like Mikey, he'll eat anything.
Find out what your gun likes and stick to it. And may every one of your guns be a Mikey.