What are the most affordable FA/select fire

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  2. Probably a 1985/older Mac10-Mac11 type.

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    :rotfl: McCarbo...

    Well, since they are all 'hand me downs' now, prices vary. I met a guy who worked at the powerhouse (coal gasifier, clean coal power project) and he got one for $3,500! Armslist I believe. Not an auction... It was a popular brand, the cheaper entry level 9mm one that most people get, the name escapes me. Tec9 or something. BUT, and here's the catch...
    His was .380 ACP :rotfl:
    I told him he'll spend way more in ammo than what he saved! Of course he agreed LOL

    PS: Yeah thanks @CamoDeafie It was a MAC10
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    Had a guy on the range tell me he paid $6k for his mini Uzi with party switch.
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  5. https://dealernfa.com/product-category/machine-guns/all-transferable-machine-guns/
    28k is kinda the normal range for full auto pre 86 intermediate cartridge rifles/carbines. Even CR Tommy guns are around 19k-24k depending on condition and specific model?
    Colt M16s for 28k and more also.

    This was where the 8k+ Mac10s are.


    This site says in no uncertain terms, that there are only about 180,000 legally transferable machine guns total. This is another reason for stupid high prices. Limited supply and high demand. Of course there are more machine guns on the market, if you are Military/LEO/LEA or a FFL special manufacturer/maker or special FFL dealer.
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    We had a lot of the colts. I had to remove the sear because to many dipshits on the SORT/SWAT joint team could not understand how the selector switch worked. Seriously they were that fucking stupid. I'd toss them off the range and fail them in Quals. So the team leader asked for the change. Moral of the story don't expect to live if they came to save you
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    so you've been a kill joy for quite awhile
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    Affordable to whom?

    They are all outside of my budget.

    I might could afford Palidin Press' several books on how to make your own sub gun...

    I don't have the machinery for making one anyways.


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  9. Or the SOT Class/Title III License
  10. I was looking at Thompson Colt Model 1921 Full Auto at one website. Two of them sold for the low price of $63,250 each. Even if I had a net worth of $7 million I would not want one. You could buy a lot of semi automatic long guns for $60,000.

    The firearm training school I go to was looking into getting licensed to make their own post 1986 full automatic firearms to shoot at the school. Right now they have full automatic 9 millimeter Uzis and also M-16 rifles.
  11. maybe not so in a few years if House keeps D maj and Senate flips... they've been wanting to put the semiauto rifles (particularly the AR) onto the NFA list fot a loong time
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    So, the big question is how do those places that rent full-auto firearms get the new ones they have if none can be transferred?
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  13. Easy. They keep the original serialized receivers and replace components. Easiest with the AR series :rolleyes: have to be special licensed or under a special NFA trust? @FlashBang would confirm.
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    I heard the way to do this is to set up an LLC and purchase the Licenses that way.

  15. Or just apply to Dillon manufacturing to work on M134s and similar ;) i saw a demilled M134 system minus motor and certain things for 34 grand on gunbroker many years ago....
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    I assume a lot of ranges have post dealer samples. They just need to have some LE come in and shoot them now and then for a prospective purchase, but the range owner, etc can never really OWN them like a transferable. Back in the 90's you could buy a post dealer sample FAL for cheaper than a factory made semi Belgian, Argentine, Brazilian, etc. I know one guy that got the owner of a PDS Belgian PARA FAL to demil the rifle so he could buy the parts.
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    Come over and find out
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  18. Me too.
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    Well...they’re pretty much the price of a used to a new car.
    Question of what you want really.
    Car depreciates like 30-50% in the first couple years.
    FA will retain all of its value.
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  20. Cars dont require exhausitive background checks. They also dont require submitting a form to the Feds and waiting for the go ahead from the Feds. You can loan a car to anybody, and you don't need to be present while its being used.
    You can be a comvicted felon and own cars
    There are more cars than transferable machine guns
    You don't need to get the car to a specialist for repairs, for the most part.

    No one has transferable machine guns available for approved credit financing.
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