What are you going to spend your $600-$1,200 on?

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    So if you have been living under a rock for the past few days, you probably haven't heard about the free money the government is going to give you sometime between May and July. $600 for single taxpayers, and $1,200 for married (a couple) taxpayers. This is all part of a $150 billion plan to help jumpstart spending and hiring and improve the economy. Anyway to the question at hand. What are you most likely going to spend your money on? Pictures welcome.

    Me and my dad are planning on going 50/50 on a new Desert Eagle, probably 50AE maybe .44mag. This $600 will cover most of my half. Neither one of us want to pay the full price ourselves.
  2. Thats easy.........AMMO. I think I'll only get the $300 since I don't make enough to pay taxes.

    All donations accepted.

  3. neothespian

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    Ok, so I guess I've been living under a rock!

    Right now, cash is so tight for us that it will probably go to bills and parts. Might get some new (cheaper) tools if I get the Tech Director job at the Non-Profit theater.

    That and send off the .40 HP to get repaired.

    And maybe a new holster.

    And perhaps a few rounds for the M44.

    Oh, and if I can squeeze it in a trip down to Phoenix for more parts and such for the new job.

    Ok.....so maybe I have a hard time rationalizing budgets when I get free money :(
  4. I"m gonna buy a progressive reloader, seeing they want us to put the money back into the economy I might as well get something I was already gonna buy anyway :)
  5. bobm

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    I think I may have to spend the money on a set of Predator Mufflers for the Bonnie, or go like Adam and get a reloader for the shotgun.
    And the money ISN'T free, WE earned it, Washington is just redistributing our money to other people again.
  6. Fox

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    I'm gonna put it towards my Thailand Trip in June...put the money in their economy.. $600 can buy me alot of Massages :wink:
  7. elguapo

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    WTH? We are getting money back? And its not a tax return?
    How does that make sense?

    I am no economist, but this just sounds bad in all ways concievable...
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    Rossi .357, C9, and reloading setup.
  9. Mordecai

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    actually, we'll be getting $2100 at my house, its an extra $300 per kid, I'm one of 3.....

    We're getting a new car
  10. Bobm , You are correct . The Gov is giving us our money . I would settle for gas to go to $1.50 a gallon, and food to stop rising everytime I go to the store . But back to the origional question , I will put most of it in the bank and use some of it for some repairs on our house .
  11. Alexander Arms .50 Beowulf AR
  12. 2/3 of ours will go towards paying off a CC or loan, the remainder will go towards children's school clothes and supplies. Bills and children come first in my house, anything left over the wife and I split 50/50 to get whatever we want. This is how we spend out tax refund each year and it has worked out very well for the 7 years we have been married.

    SHOOTER Z Well-Known Member

    When Bush first proposed this it was an advance in next years returns. I don't know if it has been changed or someone has just forgot to mention that you gotta pay it back next year

    Anyway it will help in getting a set of wheels
  14. Of course we'll pay it back.......... remember all that money we put into the economy, now we have to raise taxes to recover all the losses. We'll pay one way or another.

    ..... I'll probably buy some ammo for me and the mrs. and do some stuff around the house.
  15. Bills :(. Stupid credit card.
  16. It doesn't matter. Spend it on hookers and blow or give it to your favorite charity. It's just the government's latest attempt to divert attention away from the disaster they've become so we'll vote for the status-quo again.

  17. Buy 1 or more guns from my wish list.

    Kel-Tec P3AT
    Taurus Millenium Pro 111
    Browning Hi-Power or clone
    Rock Island 1911
  18. bobm

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    Ah Hell I can't afford to pay it back next year. I have to give the tick-turds about $3200- every April as it is, thats half my savings.
    Can't we just say NO, we have had enough of you. Go to your rooms until you get a grip on reality.
    Then hire some responsible adults to govern the affairs of the country, and actually obey and uphold the oath they take?
  19. a trip to see the family and probably a new 9 mm for me.....
    with plenty of ammo for the range!
  20. I am acctually thinking about a suppressor, legal of course.