What are you using for sights?

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What type of sight?

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  1. Stock Peep Sight

  2. Red Dot

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  1. What is everyone using for sights; stock, peep, red dot or scope?
  2. I have had 4 scopes on my 995 and all of them have taken a crap on me. I have now switched back to factory irons as they are accurate and easy to use.

  3. When I took my 995 out to shoot for the first time, I just didn't care for the iron sights. I got out my tools and took the red/green dot off the AR and installed it using the rail included with the rifle. I like it, my son liked it, and a friend who has fired it liked it. I doubt I'll ever put the iron sights back on. Now I've got the BUIS back on the A3 upper and I need to get another red dot to replace them.
  4. Kept my red dot on the 995, am going back to irons on the 4095.
  5. HPHooked

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    Have not scoped either of my carbines. I find I hit well enough with the iron sights. I don't have to worry about sight-in shots whenever I go to the range.
  6. Ridge

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    BSA Red Dot with a dead battery :p
  7. Since the 995 will be my home defense long gun I dont really see a need for optics or dot sights, but I will give them a go just to see how well they work on the gun. Due to the design of the receiver cover I dont hold a lot of faith in an optical sight keeping zero for a long period of time, but I am sure a dot sight will work fine.

  8. I can't stress enough the importance of iron sights.
    If you can't use iron sights then if something happens to your optics when it counts then you're hoo-dooed. But optics are nice. I can't dispute that.
    I've got irons on one of my 995's and the other I have a red-dot.
  9. I have the magazine pouch on my stock, so I just took an extra battery, left it in the blister pack, and slipped it under the elastic. That way, I've got an unopened spare with me wherever I go. :wink:

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    Or if the battery dies or is dying and you cannot find another one SHTF situation just carefully mark where the dot is on the scope and TADAAA you have a spot to aim on
  11. My 995 and AK-47 use the red dot sights. My 4095 has a 3-9X30 scope.
  12. [​IMG] 550 rounds and still going strong! 8)

  13. Primal you sure have had bad luck on them. I have a BSA red dot on a 12 gauge pump shotgun and it has survived over 30 rds so far. :shock: