What are your secret favorties?

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  1. Moestooge

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    H-P owners sometimes get dissed because they aren't afraid to say they like a low-priced brand. In a similar vein, other guns may get the same scorn if they aren't tacticool or expensive.

    What are some of your other undercover favorites? I like the H&R single-shot .410. It's very enjoyable to shoot.
  2. Certainly not a secret, but I love my Mosin-Nagant rifle! Powerful, balances well, comfortable to shoot and rugged and simple as the day is long..:)

  3. cktvt

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    I like my SKS - a third the price of a Mini-30 tac. Some dis the SKS but most respect it as the older, less-sexy brother of the AK.

    I also like my Ruger SP101 357 mag (2.25' barrel). Colt and S&W fans consider Ruger wheelguns to be the poor cousins from the East Overshoe, but I think they rule. A Python is what you show your friends; a GP100 is what you show your enemies. :cool:
  4. papataylor

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    Not if you're in walking dead.

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  5. cktvt

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    Rick Grimes is going to regret that Python, mark my words :D
  6. colthrash

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    my Taurus m380 revolver...
  7. planosteve

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    I have a soft spot for the Ruger Speed Six in 357. i am still looking for one and eventually i will find one in good shape for the right price. A friend of mine in California had one and you couldn't kill that thing.
  8. Not2ManyGuns

    Not2ManyGuns Member

    I had an ill-fated 9mm Colt All American Model 2000 which I purchased new in about 1994. It was the first double action plastic receiver pistol made by Colt. The pistol had a reputation of being inaccurate and unreliable. It suffered from the poor publicity of having to be recalled to replace the original solid trigger with an articulated unit designed to reduce accidental discharges if dropped.

    I actually liked the pistol. After I got it back from Colt, I noticed the trigger was much smoother than before I sent it in for the recall. The pistol felt good in my hands. I liked the rotating barrel which when fired - rotated; thereby, mechanically slowing down the rearward motion of the slide and lowering the felt recoil. I thought it was an exceptionally smooth shooting handgun. I never had a FTF or FTE. I always kept it in excellent shape; it was almost like new when I sold it.

    I sold it because I was tired of hearing how bad and unsafe the Colt All American Model 2000s were from people who never shot one. Except for the few admirable reviews in gun magazines when it first came out, I don't believe I've ever heard anyone say anything good about the gun. It makes Hi-Point haters seem tame by comparison. I'm a little sorry I sold it; however, due to the fact that I got it for a really good price when I purchased it, I was able to sell it for $100 more than I paid for it.
  9. Kiln

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    Phoenix HP22 and the SKS. Both excellent buys (used to be better buys) and solid guns.
  10. MachoMelvin

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    My GSG Stg-44 22LR is my favorite gun. I went to about 30 different stores to hold it before I bought it? It was the most expensive gun I had boughten up to that time,
    I ended up getting two!

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  11. I have a large collection of Charter Arms, being a Smith collector too it's taboo for me to collect the cheaply Charter Arm revolvers but something about them I've always liked.
  12. MachoMelvin

    MachoMelvin Well-Known Member

    I have never owned a revolver, but I have been looking at a Charter Arms
    357. Worth the $$$? If not a 357, I may try the Judge rifle & pistol?
  13. I love Charter Arms, well made and fun to collect
  14. MachoMelvin

    MachoMelvin Well-Known Member

    EASY on the Purse?
  15. cktvt

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    Hey, one of these days, can you post a list of all your guns? You obviously have an enormous collection of Hipoint/Stallards, and now it comes out that you're also a Charter Arms and S&W collector. I'm sensing this may only be the tip of the iceberg. :cool:
  16. Yes, I'm planning to inventory soon, basically I enjoy collecting, but firearms have always been my favorite.
  17. Hermitt

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    Those Charter Arms look exactly like Taurus. What are the differences between them?

    I'd love to have a Taurus Judge .45/.410 with a 6" barrel.
  18. To me when your talking budget revolvers I prefer Charter Arms. I really got into the Charter Arms with the purchase of an old .38 snubbie. The triggers on the Charter Arms I prefer over Taurus, but Taurus makes an ok gun for the cost. I have a a Taurus Judge and it's a great gun, has been shot a lot before I got my S&W Governor without a single hiccup. I have some Rossi's too and all of them have been good shooters too.

    My advice if your wanting to get a revolver and stay cheaper but have a fantastic piece, get a Charter Arms Bulldog in a 4" barrel. You can get them for $325-$375 if you look around, I think it's a fantastic budget revolver that's more accurate than me and looks and feels great.

    Here's a pic of my .44 spc bulldog
  19. cktvt

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    Good-lookin' piece.