What bout cobra?

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  2. I've never even seen but one, and the fellow who was shooting that one said it wouldn't shoot twice without jamming.

  3. Im not much help with the gun your talking about but I have a Cobra 9mm derringer. I got it for a backup gun or for deep carry. I have been happy with it so far. They call it a "Big Bore" derringer http://www.cobrapistols.com/products/derringers.htm I did some research into cobra before I bought it and found mixed reviews. Much like Hi-Point people either love cobra or hate them. I did read some pretty good reviews about their double action pistol the Patriot http://www.cobrapistols.com/products/doubleaction.htm Cobra is american made so thats a plus.
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    cobra for gut guns is ok, but for the 1st line of defense invest in a Bersa at LEAST!
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    The Cobra CA380 is the exact same gun as a Davis P-380. They're good shooting guns for the price and I've always had them go bang every time you pull the trigger. Not made for large amounts of firing (Thousands of rounds.) but do what they're supposed to do. This is of course only my personal experience with 2 different Davis P-380's.
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    My last experience with a davis .380 was a breaking of the firing pin... during rapid fire... wanna put that in a CCW holster?

    Your choice.
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    I broke a firing pin on my H&K USP compact during rapid fire. Most people wouldn't have a problem carrying a USP. All machines break, it just a question of how often.
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    I have no problem with backing a "Bargain Firearm" as long as it functions as it should, all the time (given no abuse to the firearm). Look at my signature, Bersa and Maverick, They are not Walthers or Mossbergs, but i can proudly say they do their duty, they have never failed me, and many people i know have had nothing less than a pleasing experience with them. They are made with quality and back them 100%. The only thing the Davis .380 has that i wish i have is a Steel Frame, I have an Alloy frame, But then again when one part is much stronger than another, the weaker parts break easily. Hence the problems with the internals of the davis.

    If a Bersa isn't in your budget dude, get a Hi-Point .380, if you're wanting a CCW, forget about the CF380. My Just my $99.02.
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    Not sure if this is correct info, but I had read something a while ago about how Cobra Enterprises had purchased Lorcin/Davis... not that that's really helpful. I kind of got the same results as 8andsand, people love or hate them, but I have no first hand experience. I had been looking at the Derringers, and the Patriot models.
  10. You just need to make sure you are really good with it. :lol:
  11. I have a Davis P380 and its essentially the same gun as the Cobra CA380 you are looking at. I have had this gun for over 10 years but not really shot it a lot. The trigger is is heavy and its so so accurate, but at 5-10 yards it would get the job done. I did break the firing pin in mine and have yet to replace it.

    The gun is very heavy for its size, so it does not make a good pocket carry piece. I kept mine in the glove box for a just in case situation.

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    I've never seen one but my sister's boyfriend's cousin's boss was next to a guy at a gun range and the slide flew off when he fired a round and killed twelve people. Oh wait that was glock, never mind. :wink:
  13. Okay, I want to be sure I get this right so when I repeat it it's 100% correct and I don't leave any details out:

    ...sister's boyfriend's cousin's boss...next to a guy...gun range..slide flew off and killed a Glock.

    Is that it?
  14. Glocks are so cheap they cant ever make the rifling round and fully sopport the chambers, those things are known to blow up from time to time. Thank goodness folks like HiPoint and Cobra make real guns that dont blow up when they are fired.
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    I have the Cobra CA380 you see there, mine is in black. I've got a couple hundred rounds through it with no problems, once I figures out how to shoot it.

    I thought it was broken until I pulled the trigger hard enough to actually engage it :D But it does fire every time. I haven't had any issues with it working, it always goes bang. It has a good kick as it's a pretty small gun, my son doesn't like it. He much prefers my .45 actually.

    I didn't think it was real heavy myself. I keep it in my pocket on occasion, it's pretty small and easy to pocket in the right pants. I don't think I'd rely on it as my only gun, but it should work in a pinch.

    On the upside they break down pretty easily and there are very few parts to lose. I think I paid 135 OTD for mine new about a year ago.
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    just got the nickle finish FS380 two days ago and took it to the range yesterday--this thing was awsome--with 75 rounds -about half fmj and the other jhp --rems. ,only one jam- and I still have to break it in yet.
    my firearms dealer told me that the co has lifetime warn. and made in usa
    the only ones he has to to send in so far are the derringes.
    the fit and the finish on this thing is great , he said to stay with brass ammo only and it would do fine well 75rnds is not alot but so far so good, I feel it was money well spent for me :D :D :D
  17. +1 my daily carry right now is a "cheapo" Bersa T380 (two tone black upper, satin nickel like lower) I got for $214 at a gunshow NIB. I have shot several hundred rounds out of it with only one FTE (cheap Cabelas ? reload). It isn't a high dollar Kimber or anything, but it goes bang and has good accuracy at normal shooting distances. I may "upgrade" someday, but right now the Bersa is fine by me. Maybe if Texas passes an OC law, I will pack my XD45 full time, but it is too big for warm weather carry.

    That being said, Cobras are ok for what they are designed for-- affordable handguns for the masses-- The pricing seems scewed in relation to HPs, but I can't say a lot bad about them. They probably have a break in period like many guns, and the one I shot (Actually a Davis .32 auto) didn't like JHPs, but shot FMJs fine. Sort of a banger on the hands, but not too unpleasant to shoot--

    I do have this wierd affinity for the new colors Cobra is doin-- The blue, red, purple, and black chrome wersions are just funky enough for me to buy one---

    "Sir, can you describe the gun he shot you with?"

    --"Yes, it was purple and white....oh, and it made this .380 sized hole in my *ss."

    "Lock 'em up boys, he is delirious..."

    All in all, Cobras aren't heavy duty range guns, but they are nice if you give them a chance.

    Most of all, if you like 'em, then that is pretty much all that matters.

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    ask hp4lfe, he's got one.
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    After much deliberation the Cobra Patriot series (45ACP) is sure to rival keltec, and ruger LCP in the BUG catergory. I have ready many reviews on it, and I can't wait to get one. I'm not worried about it haveing a 30lb trigger pull, as that can be taken care of with a few honing stone swipes. I'm not worried about the slide or barrel breaking, as they are made of Stainless Steel. I'm also not worried about the polymer breaking, not sure why, but i'm not. I'm just sad cause i must wait until the end of the month to procure one.
    (The patriot series is the only Cobra line that may be sold here in South Carolina, yes, WE HAVE A 800ºF MELTDOWN LAW, and no, the list isn't public information. :( )