What Caliber Hi-Point should I get?

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  1. kflo

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    I already have a Sub-2000 in 9mm. Would it make sense to get a Hi-point in 9mm to save on ammo cost or should I go with the .40?

    I have been waiting on a decently priced hi-point with ATI on the forum but then I thought, duh? Why not buy one used frommy gun shop and have them install the stock. They have both the 9mm and 40 there 159.99 and 169.99 used.
    I called and asked them if they have the stock and the cost of it and to install it. Total came out to be around 260.00 plus tax
    Figured I might as well go that route instead of buying it on the web. That way I can at least inspect the gun first.

    I just dont know if I should go 9mm or 40

  2. Lashlarue

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    Get the 9mm, more accessories,cheaper ammo, more accurate at longer distances, more ammo choices including +p+. Lighter faster moving bullets have a flatter trajectory. 230 gr 45acp if sighted in for 100 yds would be 8"+ high at twenty five. Lower initial cost, less wear and tear on the action using standard power bullets.

  3. pills

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    1. No aftermarket stock for the 40.
    2. 100 for the stock and install seems about 40 too high.
  4. Get one quick

    If I saw a HiPoint carbine for $160-170 I would get it quick! Used Hi-Point carbines are scarce around Chattanooga.
  5. jason865

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    Re: Get one quick

    If you want to make a drive, I know where there are some new995's for $169 just south of knoxville. Shoot me a pm if you want the address.
  6. i just bought mine new in box for 169.99
  7. kflo

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    Well I JUST got back from my local gun shop and picked up 2 boxes of 9mm Brown Bear.

    ANyhow I just put a deposit on a Camo 9mm with RED DOT. It is 209.99 (used) the ATI stock is 69.99 and (new) and they will install it for me for free.

    so I probably will go pay it off in 2 weeks or so.

    Now I am happy!! Can't wait to shoot this gun. Only thing Iam going to do besides buying mags and ammo is buy the barrel shroud and a rail and tac light for it.
  8. GlockMan

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    $209.99 for a "USED" 995 is HighWay Robbery! The ATI stock can be found cheaper and anyone can install the ATI stock in a few minutes. I would reconsider and buy a NEW 995 carbine (169.99) avg price in most parts add a $30.00 reddot (new) Why go used when new canbe had cheaper.
  9. what he said......... and you can get the ATI from Benny for less too. And maybe yours will come with directions!

    [ JK :lol: ]
  10. Lashlarue

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    I see most of you havent checked the latest suggested price from MKS, the plain jane black 995 is now listed at $220 http://www.hi-pointfirearms.com/carbine.asp And there is not one dealer in this area discounting them.In fact most are adding $20 to those prices...
  11. jason865

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    They can be had for $169 here new in the box, $195.90 out the door with ffl check. I guess it just depends more on your area than anything.

    While he probably isnt getting the best deal out there for a used rifle @ $220 he isnt getting the worst either. If that is the only place to find them in the area, then supply and demand dictates. Where else are you gonna get a reliable, fun 9mm carbine for $220 and have a lifetime warranty? The price on the ATI is high, but local gun stores have alot more overhead than someone running a website. With free install, I dont think it is that bad of a value really. Sure it isnt a hard thing to do yourselves, but some people may not feel as comfortable doing that sort of thing as the rest of us. For the few dollars you save getting one online, it may be worth it for some people to buy one locally.