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What COAL to use in 9 mm HiPoint carbine with HAP .356 124 grain?

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I have a 9 mm carbine in waiting-period "jail" at the FFL. Unless Washington state legislature rushes their new "assault weapon" ban through in record time, I should be able to pick it up early next week. If I'm lucky, I'll be able to take it directly to the range.

I have plenty of S&B round nose and a couple of boxes of factory JHPs, but the only reloading bullets I have now are 124 grain HAPs. Is there a known OAL that will plunk safely with these bullets in the HiPoint chamber? I'd love to roll a few of my own with Power Pistol and AA#7 to put through it on Day One, if I can.
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Hi Points are pretty forgiving usually. Just load it to book COL to start with and go shoot. Hodgdon lists COL for 124gr XTP at 1.060. I'd start with that.
Thanks. I was too lazy to do any reloading yet, so after I picked it up yesterday I went to the range and put a little factory ammo (Remington 124 grain FMJ) through it. Next month I'll give it some hand-loved rounds. (A term I just made up!)
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