What did I buy?

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  1. smartthp

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    Hi folks! New here ... not new to firearms, although what did I just purchase? Pic attached, I hope. Any manuals available for this 995 model? I've stripped it down, just need to get bolt assembly apart, if that's possible. Appreciate any model suggestions.

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    That is the first carbines hi point came out with (some people refer to them as the monkey stocks) before they started making the TS stocks i have 2 of them 1 in black and 1 in camo and also the 4095 in black.
    If you want to you can order the TS for $40 or $45 and change it over.

  3. smartthp

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    Thanks for the feedback! I like it as is ... needed a starting point on what I had purchased fairly inexpensively. Seems to be clean, although must take down for thorough cleaning.
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    wow we are on a roll today.
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    heres mine in camo, before i put the factory sights back on it.

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  6. ajole

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    NE Utah
    Here's the manual:


    Note, in the 4095 manual, and in the more modern 995 TS manual, it says brush the barrel every 300-400 rounds, and to do a complete disassembly and cleaning every 1500-2000 rounds.

    So...don't think you have to tear it down completely every range trip.;)
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    Thank you, just found and read ... appreciate the support.
  8. talon

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    It runs better if you don't tear it down often. A bore brush after each use, then toss it in the safe til next time.
    Heres my classic 995:

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  9. Dagwood

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    Heres mine. Welcome btw.

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    Welcome to the forum.
    Lot of knowledge here, all you need to do is ask.
    We're all experts, it's the Internet.
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    And for those who can't give you facts, there are plenty who will pull stuff clear out of thier poopchutes to try and sound smart.
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    Your talking about SWAGA right? ;-) :p
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    Yes he was....why?
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    Im not above posting names ;)

    But i dont want to waste my freebie get out of jail card just yet.
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    I am waiting for Melvin to post the picture of his 25 different HP carbines. Popcorn ready.;)
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    Bud! Really guy, QUIT YELLING! :p;)
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    Thanks All! I realized quickly, the 995 isn't built to clean frequently. I'm giving it a once over, then to the range to check performance. Appreciate the feedback!
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    Don't bother. Damn things are rigged. Mine just hits everything I aim at. All you'll do is waste ammo. A lot of ammo.