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What did you do this weekend?

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I know it's a little early, and the weekend isn't quite here yet. But for those of us who don't have class today; the weekend came a little early. I figured I would do some wrenching on my truck.

I've been meaning to do this a for awhile on my truck, since I often tow a lot. And often times get towed myself(I get stuck) and this means things break. That particular thing on my truck is the factory tow hooks. They bend or break, and I've decided they are really there just for looks. They are usually $5 or so from salvages, or free if "you pick 'em" so I've never really complained. Borrowing an idea from the jeep people, this is what I did...

These are the tow hooks that just plain suck, I've bent them straight like a nail. This one sheared completely off at the bolts last weekend, and almost took out the back window of my buddies truck. Luckily he has one of those stupid "headache" rack things.

Stopping at the Tractor Supply and dropping $20 on some receiver tubes.

Took a few measurements, slapped them in the drill press and made some holes.

And finally, bolted them in place of my old hooks.

Next step, is to get some shackles like the ones in the link below.

Eventually, I'm going to cut up and drill some 1/4" backing plates to reinforce the frame horns with, and maybe even some round stock to build a crossmember with to tie the two horns together.
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tractor supply sells those too
tractor supply sells those too
They're expensive though....next paycheck maybe.
finish shingling the FILs house will eat up sat and most of sun. monday? who knows.

Working.. got my uniforms today. There's a craft beer festival in town
I'm heading behind the curtain again.

Yep, I'm brave enough to go to California!!!

But I'd rather not...
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washed my truck
washed my 4 wheeler
bought some 45lc ammo for 45 bucks(im retarted but wanted to shoot and don't have any brass to reload)
got my melting pot, molds, and lead in the mail
went to a truck pull
collected eggs from the chickens...
Update: Enter the 30,000lb shackles from Tractor Supply...

I almost want to go get stuck just so I can use them.
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So far, I've flown halfway around the world to Sacremento, California, and will finish the trip home tomorrow. Tonight, I am going to sleep like I've not slept in 5 months, and finally be able to enjoy a shower for longer than 5 minutes. Yeah, traveling all weekend sucks, but at least I'll be home.
bowhunting opens next weekend so doin a little scouting today. gotta work tomorrow but atleast it lets me have next fri. off.
Hmmmm....this weekend? Saturday morning buddy and I went to our camp to check on things. We then went to a local tavern for sandwiches, the best fries in south central Pa. and to watch our beloved Nittany Lions play Syracuse. So far this morning, it's only 7:00, but I have been cleaning out my den and boxing up some books. Man do I have a lot of books. Oh yeah, Patton is on AMC.
Waited in agony to get my new-to-me car, a 2001 Camaro SS.
Put 290 rounds of SW specials down range with the 995TS, another 200 through the C9, 200 through the JHP on Saturday. Today I did yard work and reloaded the spent brass. All-in-all a good weekend.
Saturday I went to the Old Car Festival at Greenfield Village. It's for cars 1932 and older.

http://s26.photobucket.com/albums/c141/LAKOTA169/Car Images/OLD CAR FESTIVAL/?albumview=slideshow
Went bowhunting in the 80º heat. It was pretty warm in the stand.
sat didnt do much of anything, sun went to the state championship leveraction silhouette match, lost and won a NRA clock in the drawings afterwards.

well fri was my oldest boys b-day (he was stoked turned 11 ont he 11th), he had a sleep over with a couple of his friends..sat did yard work then early sat evening my oldest, middle, and myself went out and had an airsoft war.......got my oldest boy airsoft stuff for his b-day.......it was fun but damn those bb's hurt...today was my baby boys 1st b-day so spent that afternoon doing that...right now me and the wife are playing on our pcs watchin the Packers game....guess ill root for the Packers there the wifes team...at least there NFC and not AFC.....GO PATS...........
had a great weekend with the wife and son. went to the range, did some shopping bought a few new toys, and went on a day hike through the mountians. all in all great weekend!....BTW the tow hooks look very very nice!!!
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