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Lemme see, 6 guns, 5 of my own and Reaper's target Mark3 Ruger;)
Shot the 4595D (D for Drum!) 2 Full Drums, one mixed steel and
brass, 56 rounds of semi-rapid fire PERFECTION, TMF ROCKS!!!
8-9 yds and it was 1 big hole and a few flyers. Rapid Fire, I was
pulling the trigger as soon as the sights crossed the X ;) Had a
good rhythm going.

LOTS of rounds thru the NIB Kimber Pro CarryII and the ONLY
hiccup was that it did not like the drum mag I hooked it up to.
Had about 5-6 nose down misfeeds, but I was able to blip the
knob on the drum and the rounds straightened up, and the slide
went into battery and cycled. IMO the Kimber likes a nose UP
orientation, and the drum is just a bit too flat... With the K-Mag
and the 8 round Promag for 1911, it was perfect every time.
28 in the drum, 40 in the 1911 mags, call it 78 rounds, and
it was pretty much POA for the shooting! I was shooting EVERYTHING
"rapid fire" as I had limited time and lots of shooting to do. ~125 rounds
of 45 ACP downrange :D great day with that alone! :dance:

Shot my CAI milled receiver Draco, awesome as usual, Reaper shot
3 thru it and I shot 37, one whole mag, and Reaper's ex-neighbor's
son, Xavier shot the last 20. He's 12 and a very good shot, when he
takes his time. He was shooting Reaper's 10-22 Tapco stock Ruger,
with an RDS. He shot 8/10 steel coupon targets, 6/6 once he slowed
down and actually aimed. Did a nice pattern with the Draco too,
@ 13-14 yds.

G20 with the new LWD 6.6" barrel, 10mm, did pretty well, 8-9yds,
but not as good as the comped barrel and the Buffalo Bore
"OVERKILL" 220gr, 1200 FPS hardcast lead ammo :eek: That
was 10 yards, about a 6" group, and the 8-9yd pattern was
maybe a tad bigger with HPR Hyper-Clean ammo. The gun
was easy to clean :rofl: 180gr @

Part #: 10180FMJ
Projectile: TMJ
Weight (Grains): 180
Casing: New HPR Brass
Muzzle Velocity (fps): 1264
50Yd Velocity (fps): 1142
Muzzle Energy (ft.lb): 639
50Yd Energy (ft.lb): 521
This is true, full power 10mm Auto, just a tick under the
Buffalo Bore, @ 220gr and 703ft/# ME :eek: :D
The gun felt more controllable by a LOT, but the barrel
is brand new and once again, rapid fire. I could have exploded
15 :zombie: Heads in 20 seconds, if I had too! :mad: ;)

Suck it Moonzy, I shot over 200 rounds today :p
:rofl: I was shooting 3-4 days a week at home, until the
cop's wife got whack about letting her kids out when she
hears gunshots... you know that story. :p

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Shot a new nondescript S&W M&P 15-22 today

Attached is the first group of 5 shots from 25 yards! GREAT GUN!
I brought the 3x 25rd S&W mags, and even though I could see where
some of the rounds did not stagger properly, (the rims stagger, and
the noses line up) these mags fed 100% EXCEPT for one round, where
I had the ejection port up against the 6x6 post, caused a stove pipe
but that was on me! After that, it ran everything perfectly. I ran 145
rounds nearly perfectly outta that beastie! :D Plus, I put on a
cheap RDS/RGSm and used green on low (#1) setting. No adjustments
to either set of sights, iron or dot! :eek: I plinked a fragment of
clay pigeon, it was about a 2" irregular shaped piece, I stuck the
point down into the ground and reduced it to powder with 1 shot!
(still 25yds)
Also, shot another 20rds with the G20, this was the Sig Elite 180gr FMJ.
You can tell that you are not shooting a "normal" handgun caliber
with this! NICE strong kick into the palm, not harsh, but you know
after that it means BUSINESS! :cool: Seems like great ammo,
that SIG ELITE :D Burned thru 167 rds total today, the 22lr was
145 CCI Mini-Mags and 2 range pickups :p Fired on First Strike! :rofl:

Here's the target of the 1st 25yd group:


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Between Sonny-Boy and myself...

Reaper's Sig P220, 45 ACP
S&W M&P 15-22
Citadel 1911 in 45 ACP
G20, 6.6" barrel, 10mm
HP 4595 w/10rd 1911 mag

DTI AR-15 (several FTF, FTE, double feed...*)
HP 4595D and Promag 15rd mag, Metalform 10rd

*Fighting the AR most of the time, and guess what?
It was the MAKO Mag Well Grip MWG that created
the conflict with the magpul gen3 magazine I was using. I had
clearanced the back of the MWG for the "new improved" mags
that have the "over-insertion tabs" but apparently not enough.
Once I switched over to a Gen2 MagPul, it stopped, Entirely. :p

So I did not get 300 rounds down range, Mr. Moonzy, but I did
get a good sighting of my 4x32 Monstrum IR optic, so I can move
to the 100yd range next time :D I cannot remember if I shot
something else, but I DID make the boy shoot the 4595 :rofl:
He said it was like "slapping" him on every shot ;) We are gonna
defeat the shoulder stock springs and see if it goes away. Goofy
@$$ arrangement anyway! :p I shot Reaper's 4095 and it has
no cheek slap, but he took out the springs and mounted the
butt pad solidly, quie some time ago. Shoots NICE! :cool:

Good day at range, nice and accurate session :D
Tony got the M&P dead on windage at 25yds, ~2" low which is
considered good for longer iirc. My DTI was very accurate,
between misfeeds and such.

:foilhat: OH! I used the Forward Assist 2-3 times today! :eek::eek::eek:
Go Figure! :rofl:

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More time on the hoyt. 33 days and counting. Had to get my rest tuned and dialed up the poundage so it needed to be re-sighted. 6 arrows to get dialed in at 20, and 12 arrows after that until I couldn't pull it back anymore.
Is that "shooting" or "twanging" :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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Had the kids on the line shooting again but between 6 of them rotating between 3 rifles, 2 airsoft guns, and a youth bow, neither of us adults had time to get pictures.
Just supervising Bobby and Johnny would be a full time job,
if they are getting a bit "froggy" but I suspect range discipline
is #1 when you are the RSO :D

Fresh meal in it's tummy perhaps.:D
Hopefully not a MOLE!!! :eek:

The SKS drove me nuts, it doesn't like brown/silver bear. Just won't feed the ammo, same with Tula. It might as well be a bolt action lol ( ok it's not that bad but.). Wolf was pretty good and red army standard is pretty good, but Monarch from Academy runs flawlessly. Also got to use the tapco 20 round mags today and they are great as well.

Need to do some reading on that...
Hopefully that is just an SKS problem, unrelated to AKs :(
I have lots of those brands. Lots! ;)

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I started out with the SKS to see if the cleaning of the gas system and chamber helped any. Monarch still flawless (shot it last) Tula better but I wouldn't rely on it. Red Army Standard and Wolf ran almost perfect. Still shoots awesome groups and I love pulling the trigger on it. I'm anxiously awaiting the arrival of the new stock. The issue with it is the gas system the gas piston is worn out and FirearmsFanatic being an awesome guy is sending me a good one that he has around as a spare. That is seriously stand up and he didn't have to do it but completely appreciate it :D
Moved on to the TOK, that I just got from FirearmFanatic. This weapon looks like new, the bore is beautiful the finish is perfect and everything is smooth as can be mechanically. Shot fantastic very accurate even with the target out to 25 yards. Couldn't be happier, and did I mention the FIREBALLS that come out of it? I had people coming over to see what the hell I was shooting :rofl: A couple of guys were trying to get the range to shut off the lights so we could really see the fireballs lol The 7.62x25 aside from being expensive is a awesome round. 100 rounds later and loved every trigger squeeze and atomic fireball that followed. Felt like a little kid at christmas and was likely grinning from ear to ear. Ran PPU and Red Army Standard through it. PPU is brass, a bit cheaper per box, and felt like a hotter round. I'll stick to that with this old girl. I would definitely recommend buying a weapon from FirearmFanatic he is a stand up guy that has offered some great deals.

The Ruger P345 and SR22 were up next. Love the SR22 fantastic gun and sold me on Rugers. Whatever .22lr you toss in it, it eats and hits accurate every time. The P345 is just a fantastic weapon as well. More accurate than I am and is probably going to be moving to carry status.

I took some time in there to teach a interesting young couple two lanes down how to load the magazines for the 9mm Shield they owned. Taught them a proper way to hold a pistol. Explained the functions of the weapon and the rules of the range. The young lady was listening and I almost felt like she was taking notes mentally the guy I think heard me like I was Charlie Browns teacher. He proceeded to do a mag dump as fast as he could and got pulled off the range. I then took the young lady over to my lane and let her use the SR22 as she had never fired a weapon before and seemed very intimidated by the Shield. She ran about 80 rounds through the SR22 before he got back. She then shot a mag through the shield doing quite well while he demonstrated he knew nothing about getting a sight picture. She thanked me before they left.
FF is a great guy, watch out!!! :eek: :D

I love it when that happens, with the young ladies like that.
YOU look like a Hero, and their BF acts like a Douche Nozzle :rofl:
She will remember you, no doubt ;)

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My wife went with me to the range today!!
she shot the Targa .25, Liked it a lot. She shot the Beretta 21a and liked it pretty well. She shot my Llama .380 and didn't care for it much. She shot the Ruger SR22 and really liked it. Then she shot my SA Trophy Match 1911. she actually liked that one a lot too! And she was pretty damn good with it as well! I took the Kahr CW9 and the M&P 15-22, but we didn't get to those. Next time.
All in all it was a very nice outing for my wife and I. We needed a little "recoil Therapy".

P.S. I forgot, she also shot her 100+ year old S&W .32 Hand Ejector. She loves that one! It ran like a champ as usual.
Gotta love that Blondie!!!

Well, I shot two varmints just about 30 minutes ago. Took the lawn chair and my Rem 1100 12Ga to the edge of my woods. Watching for those darned striped ground squirrels to show. After about 20 minutes, the ground started rising up about 8 feet in front of me. Didn't get any GS, but sure blew the Hexx out of a Mole in it's tunnel.
No wonder it had been going around my traps. It was too big and fat to to get through
between the blades.

Fooled Ya! Me and the Hedgehog were having a cold brew, that was a DECOY!

Hey Rover, PM me your email so I can send you the access codes
and instructions for the booby traps... in the even my my demise ;)
Since you got DIBS and all! :rofl:

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I was being hyperbolic but my point still stands. A huge number of mixmaster Mosins that have already been bastardized are out there waiting to be further molested.

Why cut up a good one? I feel the same about butchering old cars in stock configuration. Oh well. I'll just repress my sadness about it and cry internally like when I see cut up Enfields or Carcanos.
I suppose you have your old lady shuttle you around in your original 1961 Lincoln Continental four-door convertible whilst you fondle your 6.5×52mm Carcano Model 91/38 carbine :p

Now THAT's Hyperbole! :rofl:

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Heading out shortly to shoot some skeet with my boss on my back 200. He's bringing his 270 to sight in also - buck season (rifle) opens Monday here. I love long weekends!!
"Brown-Noser" :D

At least we know you let all your buds come over, too!
Elseways I'd have to raise the BS flag on you, Grand Vis:rofl:

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Yes I do!!

Didn't go so well today though... not the shooting part but the visitors I had. I had two officers show up towards the end and shut down the festivities. I wasn't happy about it... they were very nice though and actually complimented my range. They told me before I could shoot anymore I need it NRA certified and I need to bring that certification to the police department...

Here is their ordinance:


I hear at least 2-3 other firearms going off every time I go target shooting. Been here a year and this is the first time this has happened.

Now I have to do some research on how easy this is...

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Easy enough to do, now that's more research I have to do :D

After reading the zoning again it does say Shooting clubs and "Area's"
So I may not even have to go the club route.

Just going to do what the officer said and hopefully make sure it meets NRA guidelines and drop it off there after I confirm it does. Why do more than they ask right?
Might be a great idea to JOIN NRA, if you are not already a member? Then they might really get on board. :D

O god my guts hurt from laughing at that sh1t. I'm stealing that.
:rofl: That was a good one, all the best jokes contain an element of truth... ;)

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Shoot the hell out of it and enjoy! It's a great little rifle and will eat pretty much whatever you want to feed it. I've found the Geco 40gr LRN to be extremely accurate, especially for fairly inexpensive ammo, Germans make great ammo..lol
What is the velocity on the GECO? If it is just barely subsonic (not in the quiet sense, just the non-supersonic sense) then it would be a great plinking round! Decent Prices, iirc...

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As you requested Tracy, this is before I cleaned it after a range trip.

Embed does work, Stever:rolleyes: :D

I need to thank SHMBO for recommending it. Her concern was saving money but I have no issues with that. She still wants to castrate the Mole for causing me to buy 2 guns in a week:eek:, but she thinks the Model 19-3 pretty.
She'll have to get in line, there are plenty of babes that want Mole's Unit ;)
For various reasons, sure, but there is a LINE... :rofl:

At least your's are safe, safely in her PURSE!!! :D
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