What did you shoot today?

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  1. ajole

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    NE Utah
    Well, we got 1024Megabytes out here and shot the 18” 308, turns out the bolt head on the BCA bolt isn’t working right. Tried all sorts of trade offs and combinations of lowers, BCG, or bolt heads, and any time that bolt head was in the gun, it would extract but not eject properly unless there was no mag under it. So maybe the ejector, maybe the extractor in combination with the ejector, but once we put my bolt head in the gun, it ran fine, so the barrel wasn’t the issue.

    The ejector seemed plenty strong, so I suspect the extractor is letting go too easy, or holding on too long, but it usually ended up with the empty stove-piped sideways over the round being stripped and headed into the chamber.

    We shot 300 BO, 9mm, .308, 5.56, .380, and some .40 cal. And man, was it hot out there.

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    Well hot diggity dog!!! Now he's talking about going to git himseff a x39!!!

  3. Took my Mossberg 500 out trap shooting.
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    Saturday I shot a long range 22lr match it was a great time. Closet was 2” target at 70 yards furthest was 10” target at 325. Wind was blowing 10 to 15 mph. Which made for some huge hold overs of 2 to 3 MILs. It was a learning experience. Can’t wait to do it again. I need to get a longer practice range.
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    I put 104 rounds of Interceptor 65gr +P frangibles and 200 rounds of PPU 150gr sub-sonic (pickin's are slim) through my P938. I practiced controlled pairs and transitions between a 6" steel plate at 10 yards and a 12" plate at 25 yards. I also practiced one-handed with each hand on the same two plates.

    The 150gr ammo cycled surprisingly well and hit to point of aim nicely. They seemed to ring the plates a bit harder than the typical 115gr and 124gr ammo.
  6. Shopfox

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    The kiddo was bored at the grandparents and didn't want to play outside. Coaxed him out, broke out an AR-15 from the trunk, and blasted some pieces of firewood. I think I got one 5-shot volley in. He did the remaining shooting. He unloaded some (safe but not ideal load weight) handloads for me.
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  7. Dubar

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    Took my Ruger MK1 and P90DC to the indoor range today.

    I shot 50rnds of 230gr FMJ steel-cased TulAmmo thru the 45. I hadn't shot the pistol in a while and was surprised at the lack of recoil it had. Not sure if it was the ammo or that I just hadn't shot it lately and forgot how it handled, but it sure was fun.

    MK1 ran OK, but had a few failure to extracts. It's been a while since I shot this too and after about 30rnds it behaved like it should. Could be some old oil got gummy because after 30rnds the slide felt like it was moving more freely.

    They're closing the range Aug 2 for a 3-month renovation, hopefully they'll get rid of all the holes that some of their clientele have managed to put in the ceiling, the walls, and the small tables where you set your stuff :rolleyes: I should have taken photos.
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  8. 4595ts today, didnt do a proper range zero and testing of accuracy, just fun shoot with dad and brother, as well as my AR15, the ruger P85, JHP .45 Hi Point and dads SW40VE .40 SW handgun. Dad did good with the SW40VE, bro and I did decent with the Ruger p85, we were all equally bad with the carbine lol. AR15 performed the best of the group. I wore my custom kevlar/plate vest for a bit to get used to it and how warm it is. Mid to high 70s temps . At Bureau of Land Management property 123_1.jpeg
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  9. Dubar

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    Me and SIL got up early this morning and went out to the range we both now belong to.

    He brought his Savage 30-06, unknown to me brand AK47, and his Tisas Zigana 9mm, I brought the Carcano M41, Ruger AR556, and Pietta PPSH 41/22.

    My Bubba job on the Carcano worked fine, the brass bar and steel roll pins held everything together, only shot 20 rnds.

    The PPSH was smokin'. Ran the 50rnd drum and the 10rnd mag twice each without a hiccup for a total of 120rnds. AR ran just as nice with brass American Eagle and steel-cased Wolf ammo, putting 130rnds thru it. 30rnd mags are nice, but I'm liking the 10rnd mags better, not sure why.

    I shot his 30-06 once, that SOB has some serious thump to it. When I shot the AK it kept failing to feed on the 4th rnd every time. He was looking at it and I said put some lube on the rear of the bolt and after that it didn't fail. I saw very little difference between shooting the AK and the AR.

    Really liked his Tisas Zigana, looked good, felt good and had a nice trigger.

    We stayed a bit over 2 hours but the humidity got to us both so we packed up and came home.

    Then I got the call from the LGS to come pick up my new Ruger 10/22 SS International, guess I'll have to go back soon to break it in (if the hurricane doesn't shut everything down).
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  10. Dubar

    Dubar Supporting Member

    Shot the CZ 527 this morning. Only had 40 rounds of 7.62x39 and practically wasted a 20rnd box trying to get the scope set up for 50yds. Couldn't tell where I was hitting so I put my bore sight laser in and could see it at 25yds but not 50yds. I adjusted at 25 then fine-tuned once I got back on the 50yd range. After several misses with the scope I took the scope off just to see if it was the gun, the scope, or me. I think the last round I fired is the one dead center.

    Not too shabby I guess, really enjoyed shooting that rifle! 1 that is high (outer circle) and 1 that is right (middle circle) were shot using iron sights.

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  11. lklawson

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    Went to the range with my dad. He restocked his 995 monkey gun as a TS upgrade and wanted to re-site in his Red Dot. I set him down at the pistol range and used my rests and we sighted in. He also has a Llama 9mmm that it turns out the site needs pushed. It's way out. Shoots 8 in. to the left at 35 feet or so. He shot my 300 Blackout and I don't think he liked it very much. I told him that it's similar to his 30/30 but I guess his old 30/30 reduces recoil more than even Stoner's design.

    Overall we had a good time.

    Peace favor your sword ( mobile)
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  12. Dagwood

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    Took the three grandkids (13, 12 and 8) out to the BLM with the 22’s. I have 2 M&P 15/22’s and a Mossy 715t for them. The Mossy I just picked up used awhile back and hadn’t shot it yet. It failed to feed right off the bat. Gotta take her apart and figure that out. The 2 15/22’s performed fairly well. As good as could be expected with the thunderbolt ammo. The kids did pretty good. Just trying to get them used to muzzle control and safety. No injuries and no one dropped any firearms in the dirt, so that’s a win. A good time was had by all. Oh, and the wife shot her S&W 38spl revolver for the first time. She loved it. She shot the Keltec P32. Liked it ok. She also shot the Hellcat. She didn’t care for it.
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  13. SWAGA

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    Not to be a pain but you need a bigger vest bro.
    Too much important stuff not covered.
  14. The thing is 16 inches top to bottom on both sides, and 28 inches left to right on front panel, and 18 inches wide in back panel; is only 1-2 inches above my belly button. I'd say thats impressive 3A coverage for a fat guy lol
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  15. Think1st

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    I went out and put 200 rounds of PPU 240gr JHP .44 Mag through my Redhawk. I continue to be pleased with the performance of the Hogue Monogrip. I was shooting at some 10" and 12" plates at 25 yards and didn't have to reestablish my grip at all while transitioning from plate to plate or doing controlled pairs (as quickly as they can be done with a weapon loaded as this one was). There were actually a couple of pairs that had to have been less than a one-second split. The Monogrip doesn't allow the weapon to shift in the hand one single bit.

    With that being said, there is a disadvantage to having such a grippy surface, and that was with blistering. At first, I noticed that as I approached 100 rounds, the skin on the inside of my right thumb had blistered and then peeled open. Where I was previously donating blood to the back strap of the revolver because of metal edges cutting in, now I am donating blood because of friction and blisters ripping open. About 50 rounds later, I had a blister form and rip open on my palm, too.

    It was all good, though. I had bandages and first-aid tape to wrap around them as recoil ripped the bandages' adhesive fabric when I kept shooting. After I wrapped up the blisters and bandaged the cuts on my index fingers, which came from the edges of the trigger guard, I was able to keep going without any issues.

    From round 1 to round 200, I had a really good time slamming plates hanging from the hooks on the brackets pressed onto the tops of 2x4 posts. I did have to call the range cold to reset the plates several times, and I even had to stand up the targets after they fell over a couple times.

    Running a .44 Magnum on steel is a ton of fun, and doing it makes sure that when it comes time to hit the vitals on game, the shot will go where it is supposed to go. I'm really glad I got the Redhawk.

    800 rounds through it in about a year, by the way, and the great trigger keeps getting better!
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  16. ajole

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    NE Utah
    Buy some gloves, dude.
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  17. moona11

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    If I'm shooting alot. Which is almost everytime I go out I wear them I have shooting gloves but I prefer golf gloves
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    Yeah, I've been thinking about that. It's either that or put moleskin on those spots before shooting. 20200821_182857.jpeg
  19. I know its just a flap of dead skin, but man that one spot looks like you've got a hole clean through because the background color is similar to that skin lol
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  20. Think1st

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    If I'd have gone much longer, that might have ended up being the case. :p