What did you shoot today?

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    Did you use the Brass Stacker setup for your scope mounting, or did you use one of those systems that goes over the top of the original sight? I really like the idea of using one of those types that is designed to have pins go through the mount and the original sight base, together.

    For my Ishapore Enfield, I replaced the rear sight with a Mojo sight just so that I could adjust windage. Back then, I didn't have the tools needed to drift the front sight, and using a punch on the front sight just didn't set well with me. However, when I tried to punch out the pin for the original front sight leaf, it wouldn't budge, and I just ended up bending my punch. I paid a gunsmith to punch it out. I might have to do the same thing if I want to punch any pins for one of my Mosin Nagants. If I do, I want to keep those original pins so that I can restore the rifle to its original state if necessary. That's why I still have the original furniture for the one rifle that went into the Archangel stock.
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    Yeah, in the same boat. I Keep EVERYTHING I remove from an original rifle. Unless it's new production, then parts are plentiful if I do sell those off. But the older rifles I have boxes put aside for each with anything I have "removed or upgraded".
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    The wife and I took my P938 and her PPK/S to the range over the weekend, and we used the Pro Shot timer we just got, for the first time. What a difference that makes. We timed ourselves bringing the pistols up from a compressed ready to fire a single shot at a 10" plate at 25 yards, and she was most consistently averaging around 1.6 seconds to hit the target, while I was averaging about 2.2 seconds. After that, we timed ourselves putting six rounds on the target from a compressed ready. She was still getting better first-round hits, but her splits weren't as fast, with hers running about 1.9 seconds on average, while mine were averaging about 1.3 seconds. However, I managed to get a few splits between .81 seconds and .93 seconds, while she still managed some splits as low as 1.5 seconds.

    The shot timer does a lot for adding some pressure and allowing objective measurements. I should have gotten one a long time ago.
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    Shot my new to me Auto Ordnance M1 Carbine today, ran 220rnds thru it.

    The 30rnd mag that came with it didn't give me many problems, once I started making sure each round was to the rear in the mag. But the 2 new 15rnd Korean mags gave me a number of problems: failure to pick up the rnd out of the mag, failure to chamber, failure to fully eject, and a couple times the bolt didn't go all the way into battery. Again, once I started to make sure each round was as far back in the mag as it could go resolved a number of these issues, so I'm figuring the more I shoot it the more the mags will (hopefully) break in.

    Other than a few hiccups it was a delight to shoot, although it hits right about 6" at 50yds. I put a laser bore sight in it last night and even from 10yds could tell it was going to hit right, so I need to figure out how to drift the rear sight to fix it. The Korean ammo performed well I think, I don't think any of the issues I was having were related to the ammo. The ones that didn't fire at first I reloaded and they shot fine. Good thing, I just ordered a 1080rnd box this morning :bounce: because I had a feeling I was going to go today and shoot up what I had, I do have 20rnds left from my initial buy.

    A couple of photos for your enjoyment. I still suck as a marksman, but hey, I'm having fun:


    range day nov 3 2020.jpg
    I put the 2 lower 12" targets on first and towards the end I put the middle target on, I had to aim at the left side of the targets to hit center. They Finally got some new cardboard backers at the range!

    Got the sling for it yesterday, not shown in this photo.
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    NE Utah
    Are the rear sights not adjustable? If not...that's sad. My cheap Citadel M-1 .22 has adjustable (plastic, IIRC) rear sights...
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  6. Dubar

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    I just looked and it is adjustable, just got to whack it with something to get it to move in the dovetail.
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    Some sort of scope mount removed the rear sight and mounted on the rear sight base. Don't remember the brand.
  8. Model 1909 Argentine engineer carbine in 7.65 Mauser
    Model 1902 Remington rolling block in 7x57 Mauser
    guess today was Mauser day.... :D
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    What did I shoot today? Nuthin... absolutely nuthin.:(
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    Hopefully by Tomorrow it'll be legal to answer "Liberals".
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    Getting ready to take my Firestar M45 to the range for a little exercise.

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    Yeah, I've seen a few of those before.
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    I dig it!!
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    Decided to sight in the .308 at 25y. Laser sight and 3 shots for group to dial it in, then decided to crack off 3 shots at a Mt Dew Bottle hanging at the 100y line. It was the only thing at 100y because the neighbor across the street (200y away) complains about the gunfire spooking his horses (stabled 5 feet from the road) so my buddy stopped shooting on his own property...

    I decided to be a jerk and shoot for the cap of the bottle. It worked. Then I didn't have anything to shoot at 100y. So I zoomed in, cheese and rice 20x is ridiculous at 100y, and found a clean grid square on an old target for the last 2 rounds. I had to back it off to 5x to shoot, but it punched one ragged hole when I double checked at 20x.

    I like it. Dropped all 6 pieces of brass in a neat pile at 4 o'clock. I was shooting across the hood using an empty ruck so I'll need to do it again once the bipod goes on, if I can ever find the missing chunk of rail I have saved from the .223 wylde build. I hate re-buying stuff I know I already own but can't find.
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    So curiosity being what it is...I took the walk.

    Guess I was a shade low.

    20201108_140959.jpg 20201108_141009.jpg
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  17. Finnish M-N M1891, US Krag M1898 & Swiss Gewer M1911
    nothing but old timers for me.... :D
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    I'll be taking my Browning Hi-Power over to the range for some exercise this morning IMG_0911_1.jpg . This is one of my favorite pistols.
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    Mine looked just like that before the finger groove grip...
    94 model
    Got it for 600, my @SWAGA cheap gene kicked in! Talked them down from $750
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    So I adjusted the rear sight and gave it a go this morning, a bit better I would say:

    range day nov 10 2020.jpg

    The holes NOT in the paper belong to my SIL, he needs glasses but hasn't gone to the eye doc yet.

    I must have given the rear sight enough of a whack to bring it on target. I went by myself but when I turned into the range parking lot I spot a red truck. Wasn't sure until I got out of my car if it was him or not. He was shooting his 10/22 and a 38 special but I can't recall what brand. Wasn't hitting anything with the 10/22 either. I think he's got the sights off more than his eyesight being the cause.

    Still had some failure to fully eject, probably 1 per mag load. The casing is coming up but the bolt catches it before it can clear everything. If I can find a spent casing I'll see if I can duplicate what I'm seeing.

    OK, here's approximately what I'm seeing with the failure to ejects:

    Casing comes straight up then gets captured between the bolt and the chamber.
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