What did you shoot today?

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  1. moona11

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    Didn't like that the rear sight goes away either. But its not my carry barrel is to long. In use the regular sized one for carry. Probably going to get the compact size also
  2. Shot clays with my 870. Don't ever do that. (see my post in "What did you do today.")

  3. moona11

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    Next one I'm going to get FB_IMG_1606772895414.jpg
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  4. Think1st

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    I took the wife's G42 out to the range to break it in some more. She was tied up with work, so she couldn't go.

    I shot at three steel plates arrayed from 15 yards out to about 23 yards. The 15yd plate was about a 5"x8" rectangle, and the 16yd plate was a traditional 10" circle. The 23yd plate was an 8" plate.

    I tested a couple of Pearce +1 grip extensions, and they worked great. I was shooting a controlled pair at each of the closer two targets and following that up with the last three rounds on the 23yd target. Using the shot timer, I was getting splits on the controlled pairs averaging about .7 seconds, and the transition from the rectangular plate to the round plate was giving my sub-one-second times between the shots on the plates. My transition times and splits on the 23yd target were running about 1.2 seconds.

    I have to say that the Trijicon sights and the trigger on the G42 do a lot to make it shoot well. What a fun little pistol!

    It is interesting to note, though, that the 100gr FMJ LAX reloads required a hold on the 23yd plate with the dot of the front sight centered in the plate, while the Federal 90gr Hydra-Shoks required the top of the dot of the front sight to be about 2/3 of the way up from the bottom of the plate.
  5. Dubar

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    I didn't notice the muzzle flash on mine, but the KABOOM it made sure did draw a crowd. Only ammo I have is some PPU, now I'm down to half of what I had which wasn't much.
  6. harleyboy65

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    1206201519a-1.jpg Shot this today, I bought it about a month ago and have shot it before today. 2008 built Marlin 60, I think this has the best trigger of my Marlins, maybe it has been broke in the most.
  7. Nice.

    My 91/30 has more of a muzzle fireball than flash
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  8. Dubar

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    Took the Ruger 10/22 International and the Auto Ordnance M1 Carbine to the range today.

    10/22 was perfect, once I got the scope adjusted I was hitting bullseye on paper and the 8" plate every time. Someone had left some tennis balls and golfballs out at the berm so I gave them a couple of whacks at 50yds.

    The M1 is sighted in fine at 50yds, but I'm still having issues with failure to feed/eject.

    I did notice this...the rounds are staggered in the 15rnd mags, with the last (top) rnd being to the left if your look down the sights. All of my failures seemed to occur with rnd on the right side of the mag. It got to the point that when it failed, and the next round was one of the ones on the right side, it wouldn't even strip it out of the mag. Could that be a worn out mag spring??? I got new mag springs when I got the spring kit from Wolff, but haven't swapped them out yet.

    Still had a good time, shot 200rnds thru the M1 and well over 200 with the 10/22. Weather was great, around 60 and sunny when I left after 4 hours of shooting.
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  9. moona11

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    Change the mag spring. But tear the gun down completely and clean it. Actually clean the shit out of it. Then put together and function check with dummy rounds. Go shoot it and see if it fixed the issue. I only use dummy rds that are the same spec as the ammo.
    Basically I reload my own dummy rds and change the powder with walnut and use a old primers. I stain the brass black.
  10. Dubar

    Dubar Supporting Member

    Thanks moona, will do.

    Last time I shot/cleaned it the gas piston nut was loose. I took it apart and cleaned everything, then tightened the nut, but since then I also got the nut wrench.

    The ejected casings are fairly dirty when they eject, but I think that’s just the Korean ammo I’m using.

    I read that in ww2 when the troops requested more ammo they also asked for new mags because they wore out quickly, so maybe the springs do need replacing.

    Even with these hiccups it’s just fun to shoot!
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  11. Dubar

    Dubar Supporting Member

    Changed out the mag springs, the new springs are 1" longer than the old ones so I'm thinking it was time. Also changed out the slide spring being it was an easy task. Need to get some dummy rnds to see if they actually eject, or I could use live rnds :fight::rotfl::thumbsdown:
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  12. magnut

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    My kids are in the back yard plinking cans with their BB guns right now.

    Somebody cut loose on a full auto last night down in the creek I think. It was not a bump stock either. Sounded like they were doing some testing. Kind of concerning. I dont have a problem with folks shooting around here as long as they are safe. One yahoo or kid screwing around can result in bad things though.
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  13. Dubar

    Dubar Supporting Member

    I think I found the problem with my AO M1 Carbine.

    After putting in the new springs I inserted each mag into the carbine, looked good but then I noticed a lot of slop side-to-side of the mags. So much that the casing on the right side dips down to the point the bolt doesn't pick it up.

    In addition...if I put side pressure on the mag to keep the right side up/firm it works fine.

    Problem is...I have no idea what to do about it.
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  14. OldOutlaw

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    Did your mags all come from the gun manufacturer? With the gun?
  15. Dubar

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    Nope. The 30rnd mag came with the gun and I bought the 2 Korean mags online. I can't say for sure the 30rnd mag is failing as often, I only used the 2 15rnd mags the other day, but the 30rnd has had issues too.

    I'd like to try fixing it without sending back to AO. I'll take it apart tomorrow and take a look at the mag well. I was thinking about putting some tape around the top of one mag to see if that would help but that would be a temporary thing, but it may confirm my suspicions.
  16. OldOutlaw

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    Work more with the original 30 round and see if it is as bad as the shorter mags. Call AO and talk to them about your problem.
    What is the brand of your Korean mags?
  17. Dubar

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    The 30rnd mag was made by SEY, not sure if it's the original mag that came with the gun (I bought the gun used on GunBroker). The 15rnd mags have RO stamped on them, got them from Classic Firearms.

    All 3 have the side play going, hope there's nothing wrong with the mag well/receiver on the gun itself, need to take a good look.
  18. Dubar

    Dubar Supporting Member

    I put 2 layers of electrical tape on the right side of the mags and tried them in the gun. 3 strips was too much, couldn't get any mag in the well without snagging the tape.


    Seems to be doing the job, prevents wiggle anyway. I loaded one 15rnd mag and pulled the slide back. I did have a few hiccups which I feel were self induced by not letting the bolt fly but when I did let it fly, it loaded/ejected every round.

    I measured each of the mags side-to-side, 30rnd mag was .745" wide, one of the 15rnd mags was .763" and the other was .765", that's .020" difference between narrowest and widest which is a big difference to me. With the tape I measured .773" wide on the 15rnd mags, guessing each layer of the tape is .005" thick.

    Based on that I would think the 30rnd mag would have the most failures but I'd have to "run more tests" to be sure. Not sure what the heat from repeated shooting will do to the tape but I hope it stays put.

    Taking it back to the range soon to see if this fixes the problem. This failure to feed is common from what I've read on line, maybe I have found a cure, or at least a bandaid!!!
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  19. magnut

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    This mag wobble is typical among Ingram mac 11 semis and full autos before a great individual took it upon himself to come up with an excellent magazine. People were left converting things like Madsen mags to the platform. The solution was often to put beads of JB weld down on the outside of the mag to lessen the slop. It works and if done well isnt all that ugly. You could put welds on it (seen it done) but it can warp the magazine walls if you dont know what your doing.

    If you are going to go the tape route ... aluminum tape will do better than the electrical tape. Clean the surface with alcohol, place the tape, and then use a roller to really adear it well. It wont move. It just depends on how much slop you are dealing with.

    M1 carbines are finicky.... If you dont know the History check it out. Rushed design does not even come close to explaining it. Kind of a miracle that they are as good as they are for the amount of time they had to come up with it.

    Usually you can get them running well with springs and good mags. The korean mags are pretty good. The mags themselves are more or less short term and can wear out faster than most. The 30rd mags are not real great at 30....they are more like 25-26 round mags in terms of prolonged reliability.

    AO may have changed some things around though... I have never torn one apart to compare. This is just kind of general rules on the M1 carbine. Keep your springs fresh and dont expect AK/AR type reliability.
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  20. Dubar

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    magnut, gonna try the aluminum tape next :thumbsup: I had a roll but used it up not long ago and need to get more.

    JB Weld would be good too and I have plenty of that.