What direction is gov. Christie heading in?

Discussion in '2nd Amendment' started by lcback, Jul 22, 2014.

  1. Okay, I know Christie was never well liked by most republicans. Escpecially with the current gun laws in NJ ( Outrageous). But he Vetoed the last gun control bill to come to his office. He is campeigning again now.

    I no there are a couple guys from NJ here. Any insight on what will happen with him?

    Will her cater more to gun rights? or to gun control for more votes?

    second, is he really a republican? or a RINO.

    This is all conjecture from the outside looking in. Im in PA, and a Libertarian. :p
  2. Christie is a typical crony politician. He would be a poor choice for president which is probably he only reason he vetoed the bill.

    He would be better to play the role of Tony Soprano if the show ever comes back.

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    Christy is just like any other politician, what serves him best at any given point is what he will do. Not based on personal beliefs or the will of the citizens, but what will get him further along in his career. NJ is a weird state, because it is generally considered a 'blue' state, there are a lot of 'red' districts that are very conservative. Sadly, when Christy leaves, I would bet the farm that a left wing democrat will be the next governor. Steve Sweeney most likely. And then the anti-2A bull**** will be rolled back out, and be fast tracked to pass, no veto. NJ only got a short recess from this nonsense.