What do/did all of the current military/vets do while in?

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  1. 95Ba9 Patrol Dog Handler (MP) 1976-1979 US Army. Wish I'd of stayed in.

    Ft. Jackson
    Ft. McClellan
    Lackland AFB
    Taegu, Korea
    Ft. Belvoir

  2. I was a Aircrew Egress Systems Technitian. (fancy words for "rocket chair repair") And an Instructor for same profession. Spent 6.5 years in the Air Force.

    Yea, I know sounds like a exciting job, but it was actually quite boring. I always volenteered (not always smart in the military) for any extra training I could. I spent some real intresting times at a few Army and Marine installations because of it though. I did a few jaunts to the mid east and to central america.

    I am glad I got out when I did, but if I had it to do over, I wouldn't change a thing(or at least not much).
  3. i was in aircraft maintenance. fuel systems. in from 1985 to 1989. i now work as a contractor to the air force as an avionics system technician. i love working on military aircraft. i too wished i had stayed in. oh well. :wink:
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    Light vehicle maitenance, and also did filler work on a bridge assy crew as needed.

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    Medic, Optician, AODAA (all other duties as assigned)

  6. If I told you, I'd have to kill you. 8)
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    US Army 85-88, TAMMS/PLL back when they still called it that. Unit was GS/DS for the TOW and Dragon for the 3D ACR when they were still at Ft Bliss. Funny thing was the techs had to have a clearance to work on the systems, but not me, even though I ordered all their parts, looking at the same manuals they did.
    Never could figure out why some of the guys called us REMF's
    (j/k, I know :D )
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    NEC 3311&3313 Polarsis and Posedian Missle Tech we got to finish WW III served on 2 boats one in Pac fleet one Lant fleet. We maintained the systems and were ready to launch at a moments notice.
  9. GrOuNd_ZeRo

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    13B cannon crewmember.

    Basic/AIT in Ft Sill for aproximatly 3 months.

    Now in Cp Hovey, Korea.

    I wish I already ETSed...lol
  10. Flux Capacitor Tollerance Engineer... ok...I was finance (comptroller sqdrn) Actually volunteered for a deployment to kirkuk to get out of the office.
  11. Retired Personnel Sergeant. I've been to 7 countries and 35 of our great states. It was a good ride. I was Jumpmaster qualified and proudly served as a First Sergeant in the 82d Airborne Division, among other places. Hey, even paratroopers need to get their mail, promotions, awards, and orders... I just did it while exiting a high performance aircraft :)
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    11M Mechanized Infantry (Bradley Fighting Vehicle -Gunner)
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    Army Intelligence - 05K/98K EW/SIGINT Non-Morse Interceptor/Cryptanalyst

    Here's a few pictures of some urban explorers checking out the site where I worked for several years in the 80s and early 90s:

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    Does it have to be a sanctioned, US military? Otherwise I might actually qualify....
  15. Jump on in neo, would love to hear of some of your experiences over from where you are from. Lots of fighting went on there too.
  16. I actually have a more exciting job FOR the military now that I'm out then I did when I was IN the military. Work for USASOC now.
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    SOC meaning Special Operations Command.

    Damn, I read too much....
  18. Yeap
    Us army spec ops command. Wish I could say I did something cool, just fix all the computers they break and bs about guns. As long as army is using computers, I'll have a job fixing them. A toughbook wasn't named that with the army in mind. For all u other IT guys out there who think they have pita users, try supporting thousands of users who's day to day activities involve killing, breaking, blowing up, and shooting stuff.
  19. Hey taurus at least you have a job that has future potential.

    When in the national guard, I was on one of only 2 CEV's in the state, and they decided to get rid of them.

    When they took my ride and put me in a foxhole with a rifle and a shovel, I decided it was time to go home for good. They offered me E-7 and platoon sgt but it wasnt the same. I had been in armor for too long.

    (No offense meant to any of the 11B guys)