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What do I need for my background check?

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Can anyone clue me in on the requirements for the background check for buying a pistol? My license doesn't have my current address. I have a passport. I'm just trying to plan ahead, cuz the gun store is like an hour from my house.
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My guess is that if your address is not correct on your license then you may have to wait for approval or could be rejected. I know it is the law here that you have to change your address within 30 days of moving (unless you are going to school). Good luck.
I think you need your current address on there.
Yep,current addy.it happend to me today when getting my 40.they know me and let me get away with it last time but said
they had some probs recently so i went to get a new license but it only cost a dollar lmao.
In most states all you need is proper ID and to pass a NICS, which is a form asking simple questions used for your criminal history check. Your address on your ID will have to mach the form, so you need a new ID.
Having been through this process 4 times in the last 2 mos, and had my app delayed every time for who knows why, you need to ask the gun shop what their policy is on delays. By federal law, FFL dealers are allowed to transfer the gun in 3 business days if there is not an outright denial. Some will, some won't, so ask in advance. If they won't, I go somewhere else or have them transfer it to someone who will. It's not that they're being buttheads, they are just covering their ass in the event something happens in the future. My guy will do a handgun trasfer for $10, but I try to do all my business with him. If he does a transfer for me, I'll buy all my ammo from him....
I was with a buddy who bought his first pistol with his license showing the wrong address and they said he just needed two or three pieces of mail (bills not any mail.) when I bought my first handgun I had a change of address spot on the back of my license and I had filled it in with my current address and they said that was fine, as long as it was filled out before I came in I would not have been able to do it in front of them. When the called in for the backround check and told them about my current address and they called back in 5 minutes and said I was all set my address was the same as the info they had.
thanks all. i had my vehicle registration with a current address on it and that was good enough for them.
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