What do people know about the SKS and AK variants?

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  1. JasonJ

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    i want a vintage mil-surp rifle.. semi-auto this time.

    I was thinking SKS.. surpasser to my MN. the ones i saw have stripper clips.. which is ok i guess.. but was wanting something with detachable magazines.

    does anyone have any suggestions, can you clarify the differences between the various types of the SKS and AK?

    i livein michigan so there are no stupid laws limiting me beyond the no full auto rule. god knows we let anything go when it comes to guns here...
  2. panoz77

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    Not quite, Federal laws apply. If you want an SKS with detachable mags it takes a little tweeking and a number of US made compliance parts. Go join survivors sks boards and read up, especially the 922r compliance threads. If you want an out of the box semi auto with no need for modification get an AK like a WASR 10, cheapest and still reliable, they can be had for around $250.00.


  3. elguapo

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    There are detatchable mag SKSs..I think they are Chinese, maybe Egyptian?
    As far as taking a yugo and going tapco...the 922r comes into play. I saw the whole list of everything that needed to be changed vs getting a Done AK...I am reverting my Norinco SKS back to original type furnature and ten round mag, and buying a AK underfolder, and a Saiga I am going to have to modify to suit my wants.
  4. panoz77

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    Yeah, the SKS-D and SKS-M can accept standard AK mags.
  5. 1motion

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    Ak's are alright but ive never shot a sks that i liked.... they all seem to be cheap and not very accurate
  6. proper condition sks's are generally more accurate than your run of the mill ak.

    Yes D and M sks's take ak mags

    As far as after market mags go, Tapco makes a 20 rounder that works like a charm.

    Head on over to sksboards.com to read up on all the retarded fed laws regarding what you can/can't do and compliance parts. They also have all the info you want on variants.
  7. I've considered picking up another SKS just to do a trick-out job on.
    I've got one I want to leave in the original wood.
    Gotta watch the 922r compliance though. Stupid laws but you gotta play right.
    The Romanian AKs are your very basic model but still very reliable.
    Plus, at the price, you can afford to trick them out without hurting your wallet as much.
    SKS, AK, you can't go wrong with either. I'd take the AK primarily, but a SKS as a back-up is nice.
  8. 1motion

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    i would rather have a ruger mini 30 than either one
  9. I am kind of kicking myself in the butt. I saw 3 (yes 3) SKS model D or Es at the gun show 2 weeks ago. They were 2 for 350 and one for 400 but I wasn't in the mood for another SKS.

    But would have been quite cool.
  10. J.C.

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    I have a Norinco sks that came with (2) 30 round clips. I bought it for $140 + tax. Then I threw on an ati dragonov synthetic stock, if it doesn't shot and look gangster, i don't know what does! So for $220 out the door, can't beat it, and you get a longer barrel, hince, a little more accurate.

    p.s. don't wear me out on the u.s. compliant issue's, I went through this on the old forum when i was looking for install advice on the stock...
  11. JasonJ

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    as i read stuff online for hours.. im thinking an AK fits my desires more.

    i really really really want a large capacity mag.. so the AK makes sense.. plus reading.. it seems the AK replaced the SKS fairly quickly.. and probably for good reason.

    my local Dunhams has the WASR-10 on sale for 299.. normally 450. which seems really high.

    whats the diff between the WASR shooting the 5.45x39 and the WASR-10 shooting the 7.62x39? both physically look identical.. except no mag is shown on the 5.45 WASR..

    i think SKS's were abotu 250 at dunhams.. still more than i wanted to spend.. was hoping for a nice even $200 gun..
  12. 5.45 isn't nearly as common as far as getting ammo goes. It is what replaced 7.62x39 as the main battle cartridge. It is much akin to the theories behind the .223 round. Small bullet, high velocity, lower weight, higher combat load.

    The AK Replaced the SKS for many reasons, but both are pretty rock solid reliable. The only thing that can be an issue at times iwth sks's is pierced primers causing a fubar'd firing pin.
  13. Also keep in mind that the SKS you were looking at is probably of overall higher quality than the WASR-10, and if you want to make the SKS more modern it's not difficult to put it in a new stock and get a new 20rd mag for it. Just my .02.

    I would say go for both eventually :D
  14. z71silverado98

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    its my opinion that everyone should own at least 1 AK-47
  15. uncle jerky

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    I'm with you on this and, in fact,own an All Weather,matte stainless Ruger Mini 30, and will attest to the fact that it is pure quality. That said, I very recently owned a Saiga(AK variant) in 308(wood) and 7.62x39mm and sold them both thru a local newspaper print/internet ad. It was just amazing that I received 75 phone calls in 1 day,from interested buyers! The popularity of the AK in this country is phenomenal, and given the looming political change in DC, the sophistication/brutality of criminals and the counter offensive/defensive measures mounted by law abiding citizens, it comes as no surprise, that the interest in these types of rifle is increasing at warp speed!!
  16. JasonJ

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    hmm.. SKS.. new stock.. 20 or 30 rd mag.. interesting.

    i hear the SKS is inherantly more accurate of a rifle as well. the sloppiness of the mag fitment i hear about in alot of AK's bothers me..

    i dont mind an old, used rifle.. or even one in rough shape appearance wise.. what i DO mind is a sloppy loose poorly assembled rifle. like a bad hooker. stay away from that crap.

    i guess either would really do. I'll have to weigh the costs of an SKS, new stock (that doesnt look awful) that accepts hi-cap mags, and then the mags themselves.. against an AK of some sort. a tactical SKS would be sweet though.. course so would an AK.

    stuck back at ground 0.
  17. z71silverado98

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  18. Huggy

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    The mini-30s are friggin sweet, but I'm told that they can be picky about ammo, choking on Wolf ...etc. Any weight to this mini-30 guys?
    I love my AK, and I want to get my hands on a SKS when I find that special little guy who's had a rough life, and needs a good home.
  19. Also, even though I'm the one that put the SKS idea back in your head, from what people tell me the WASR-10's, even though the mag tends to wiggle a lot, typically go bang every time you pull the trigger. But I do believe you are correct in the SKS being more accurate. Tapco makes nice SKS stocks as well as mags. I would check them out. But your best place for SKS info is gonna be the SKS boards.


    Check it out :)
  20. godawgs

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    Both are fun. The SKS is a little more of a "rifle" than an AK. Get Both!. TAPCO also sells a 922r compliance kit for around $125 that includes a t-6 stock, 20 rd mag, gas piston, etc.