What do we know about S&W Sigmas

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    still going after my CC pistol.. still pretty set on 9mm. was considering XD9 so much as to be this close [--] to buying one before some stuff came up...

    but now im looking at the Sigma.. my uncle has one in 40cal that seems nice.. but i dont hear much about them? any opinions? they seem rather well priced.. lower than the XD, seen on sale for as low as $300 with $50 mail in rebate.
  2. I have the SW9VE and I love that gun. It's accurate as hell, and a sweet shooter, it's just got a trigger pull that'll kill ya. I ordered the wolff spring kit for it, haven't installed it yet, but it's supposed to reduce the trigger pull from 10 pounds to 3.5 pounds. Funny thing is that they put a warning label on the package saying that it will affect reliability..... Haven't had time lately to do anything, but I am going to research that more before I install that spring....

    But, my Sigma is going to be one of my concealed carry pistols... I love that pistol.

  3. I had two Sigma's that were used for IDPA shooting, and they were fantastic. The trigger pull on some Sigma's is heavy while others are not bad at all, best to "try before you buy" till you find one that suites your booger hook strength. Like Primal said you can get a Wolf spring kit that suites your needs better.

    I found that my Sigma's were more accurate and just as reliable as most Glocks I had used while shooting IDPA matches. Once you get used to the trigger, or lighten it up, the Sigma is a fine shootin piece of equipment.

  4. based on all I've heard hear this last year, I'd buy one if I were in market for one, etc - meaning I've heard no issues other than trigger pull wgt - which isn't necessarily bad for a CCW.

    XD is excellent choice and so is M&P too. I have both and carry the M&P. My sometimes carry is a Kel-Tec P-11 which is a bit smaller. It too has a heavy trigger but I have about 1000 rnds through mine with not one issue. The KT is a bit less expensive too.

    You can read about M&P's and a little about Sigmas here: http://mp-pistol.com/boards/.

    You can read about KT's here: http://www.ktog.org/cgi-bin/yabb2/YaBB.pl?board=101
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    Have one, and love it. Used it for my CHL- works like a charm. I've had about 1200 rounds thru it, absolutely no issues so far. I actually like the trigger, butter for me.
  6. Usually after shooting my P-11 for 50 rounds or so, I pick my finger up off the ground, dust it off, and chuck it in my pocket. Guess I need some Special K for fingers! :lol: :lol:
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    I liked the one I shot. It really felt good in my hand. it would take some time before I could shoot this gun fast. The trigger pull is heavier then my P-11. But I think with some practice one could get where they could shoot it fast.

    If money is a problem you might also take a look at the CZ75B

  8. A XD they are not, but a well built pistol with a proven track history they are. Remind me alot of a glock to be honest with you. Certainly would trust my life to one.
  9. This is scary, as I was going to post a question about the sigma's my self to see what those that have them thought of them. I might be getting one after christmas (part of my christmas acctually) so I am doing a little research. I still need to decide between 9mm and .40 tho..............

    Edited to ask another question.....

    Are the chamber tolerances as loose as the glocks? Or are they tighter?

    (please be tighter, please be tighter, please be tighter, please be tighter,..............)
  10. Ari

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    I do think they have a fully supported chamber.. If that is what you are asking about. There are many things I like about the 9mm over the 40
  11. fully supported, yep I want to know that to, but also the overal toerances, as I have found glocks to be loose enough in the chamber to be a little scary (but that is what makes them so reliable, so I guess its a trade off). I guess after my G36 went kaboom last summer, I am still a little untrusting. Or a lot untrusting. Take your pick.

  12. For the love of god do not instal that spring. :? It could just be a random thing but my bro-in-law put one in his and it stoped working. he had a gunsmith do the work. The new trigger spring did lower the pull a lot but after bout 2500rnds it simply broke. S&W wont honor a warrenty on somthing like that so he just bought another spring. He has gone through 3 springs and is on his forth in about 10,000rnds. I havejust shot the piss outta mine and it has reduced the pull from that of the origanal. not a lot but it is regestering around 7.5-8lbs pull now. Like i said it could just be a random thing but going through 3 of those springs would make me think twice about changing it. :shock: it would suck to need your weapon and just have a club cause the spring broke. :evil: Just trying to save you some headach primal. :D Anyways back to the question at hand, I love my sigma 12000+ rounds and still shootin as good as the day i bought it. I may get on in 40s&w if i ever find a good deal. also if you buy it before like 2,1,08 you get $50 back and 2 free mags that is a hell of a offer! around here the mags run about 60-70$ apeice Either way GET ONE YOU WONT BE DISAPOINTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D 8)
  13. I'm thinking about buying a new Smith and Wesson XVR 460 pistol just so I could get in on the "Buy a XVR, get a Sigma for 99 dollars!" deal from Smith.

    Never liked the trigger pull but they are reliable.
  14. P.S., get mags at CDNN. Great prices.

  15. Well, I was going to keep my factory spring anyway, and do some other trigger work to it as well while I was at it. Just some buff and polish etc...

    I bought the 3 pack of springs from Wolff, if I can't use them, what the hell should I do with them?
  16. Thats how I might end up with one. Santa said she would buy me a XVR for christmas, I just havet to wait till after christmas to get it...............
  17. If I had any need at all for another 9mm, I'd buy one in a heartbeat. (I have no interest in anything in 40 S&W for some reason.)

    I saw one recently in our local "Trading Post" paper for $500.00. I thought "Good luck. You can buy a brand new one for about $325.00 and it has a $50.00 rebate, and two free magazines.) Then I realized, "Unless you can't pass a background check."
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    Ive owned both a Sigma .40 and an XD9, and I honestly find my XD9 groupings much tighter and closer to dead center...dunno, maybe thats just because the .40 was my first gun and was probably a bit more powerful and kicking than I should've gone for...
  19. Ridge,

    My experience is that 9mm is more accurate and groups better than .40's do. One reason is the 9mm has a more lazer like trajectory while the .40 tends to arc more when it exits the barrel. Accuracy is really dependent on the gun, load and the shooter, but I always get better groups from a 9 than from a .40.
  20. Ari

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    I think the 40 has a sharper kick...