What do you do when your GF / Spouse like your HP?

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    My wife and I went to the range yesterday. She shot the super compact AMT backup. (ouch), then the PA-63 better but ow. Then I screwed up and let her shoot the C9. "I like this." (uh oh) 17 magizines later..."I Really LIke the GUN." (She even spoke in those caps.)

    Ok, now I have to get her, her own C9.

    Anybody else have this "problem"?

    When she gets hers, how do you tell them apart?

    Can one get pink grips? :p

    She could carry one concled in a fanny pack. (It's not fair! Women can get away with that!)

    So what do I do? Give her my C9 and get a .45? Or just spray paint hers pink?

    Any suggestions? :?
  2. personally, it wouldn't matter to me if you could tell them apart. both guns will perform exceptionally, and if they are both C9s, then they wil be virtually identical. if one gun or the other prefers the same type of that you would rather shoot, just do something small to it, like have your name engraved.. or better yet have a nice message engraved on hers for when you give it to her. the underside of theframe in front of teh trigger guard would be a good place.

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    Have her name engraved in the slide. Most places in the mall will engrave in anything for a nominal fee. Just me sure to just take the slide into the mall. OR BETTER YET, check the yellow pages!
  4. im in the same boat as you. i hate sharing and taking turns when out shooting. the money has been burning a hole in my pocket for like a month now but the only dealer here just cant keep them in stock. they only get one of each and they sell the same or the following day. ive been calling the shop on a daily basis just to check if they have gotten some in. as for the pink grips you stole my thoughts right out of my head. maybe i can find some slip overs like the hogues instead of painting them, just to personalize it for her.
  5. Sadly, no. My wife doesn't like firearms, period. I've invited her to the range, in the hopes that, with a couple of rounds downrange, the feeling of power and control would overcome her reticence.

    No Go.

    If you have a territorial problem of his/hers you are very lucky. At least you're on the same political/philosophical/emotional page, and are arguing over iron, not the basis of life.
  6. get another c9 and put on different color(or one with, one without) hogue grip.

    i might get one for my girlfriend too. she like my c9 over glock17. for some reason she can't pull the trigger of g17.
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    sadly, i'm in the same boat with farmkid. she's uncormfortabe if she can even see a gun, i've got to put the shotty up before she gets to my place.
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    I like the idea of the hogue grip. I'm not sure if they come in differant colors or not.
    Same problem with dealers here. We have two. One won't sell Hi-Point because it "might" end up in a gang bangers pocket in St. Louis. For some reason the gangs will take a new member that has no record and send him out to buy lots of guns, then he will pass them on to the gang. Some how that becomes Hi-Points fault? Ugh.

    The other dealer does carry them. The C-9 I bought there was on the shelf just about an hour and a half before I bought it. I think the 995 that I got was there perhaps a day. So why dosn't he order more?

    I'm not a retailer, but I would think the first rule would be to get the stuff in the back door, so it can go out the front door. While leaving some money behind. But what do I know, I just drive trucks.

    I really feel for you guys that have spouses that have issues with guns. So far I have been lucky that way. I remember my mother (I was about six) rolling tin cans along with my Dad's .45 auto. My wife is also a truck driver and before that was an aircraft mechanic.

    Of course you know how GunSight converts some anti-gun press people. They give them a one or two day sub maching gun course. Of course for that to work, they have to have a little bit of an open mind.

    I do like the engraving idea. I'm thinking of on the flat side, HIS or HERS.
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    When I first started dating my wife, she didn't want to hear the word gun. Her and my uncle got in a heated debate over it. That was eight years ago, we seen my uncle recently and he asked her if she has been out shooting yet. She responded " Yes, he even bought me two guns of my own, a 25ACP and a 22 LR". To which he replied "You have come a long way, you used to hate guns ,now you live in an armory". I think it is great.
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    As mentioned previously, great problem to have! My girlfriend has claimed my er.. her (hi honey! *waves*) C9-comp as hers after shooting it a few times... and um.. buying me a 995 and um.. an SKS.. Ok!! It's yours honey! Clearly I need another pistol now. 8)
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    My wife grew up shooting rifles with her dad and now goes once or twice a year with the guys from work skeet shooting. And she also qualifies Expert most years with an M16.

    That being said, now that we've accidentally picked up handguns as a mutual hobby, she doesn't covet my HP. She has her own Glock 22 that has 750 rounds through it in three trips to the range (that she won't let me shoot) and has her eyes on an NAA Gaurdian .380 for summer carry.


    Lucky me... I finally found something she likes that costs more than her horses. :roll:
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    at least HP are only $150 bucks. Consider yourself lucky. My girlfriend hardly lets me kssp firearms in the house.
  13. My girlfriend has no problems with my firearms. She knows there's at least 3 or 4 loaded and ready to go pieces in each room of my house and has no problem with it nor when I go to her place packing heat. However I have yet to get her on the range although she's interested. She says maybe after I get my NRA instructor's certificate she'll let me teach her to shoot. If and when that day comes I will have no problem sharing any of my hardware with her or get her one of her own. I was in Gander Mtn. the other day and saw 2 .380's with pink polymer frame/grips in the case but couldn't see what manufacturer they were. I think my girlfriend could handle a 9mm at the max. I do know ladies though who regularly shoot .45's and they're not large ladies either. I have never seen a lady though heft and shoot a desert eagle but my best friend who is a lady wants a baby eagle for a carry piece.

    For all of the guys who have a wife/girlfriend who loves to shoot I think that's wonderful. It's just another thing y'all can do together for fun!!!
  14. My wife _doesn't_ let me keep them in the house -- she insists that they stay in my shop. I comply, for the most part, but I keep my C9 in the bedroom for HD. She hasn't found it... yet :)

    If she _does_ find it, by way of us really needing it, maybe she'll reconsider.
  15. One gf hated guns... another one kept begging me to go to the range :). The trick is, its a fine line between acting gung-ho about it (because I love going to the range) and acting like it's a bit of an imposition (so when I wanted to go out with the boys she'd be like "well, you took me to the range, so ok" :).
  16. i saw one with desert color once, but can't seem to find it again on hogue website. it might not made by hogue.
  17. Don't give Her the number/s to the safe!
  18. My wife was dead set against guns, until I handed her the paintball gun. That started her downward decline into gunluv...heh...Oh yeah, now she's commandeered the C9. She loves the .45 as well and is a better shot than I am!!!
  19. wd6bgn

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    From paintball to HP. Well at least you can keep the holster. <g>

    I just hope that my wife decides on a 9mm for her carry gun. I'm setup to reload 9mm & .38/.357. I can do .45, .44 mag with some slower setups.

    BTW in Alaska it's very common to see women carring a .44 mag. I don't think even a .40 S&W would do much to a bear that wanted your garbage.

    Remember, "The family that shoots together, dosn't have problems with burglers." :^D