What do You do?

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  1. Thought I would ask the question, "what do You do"? As far as work (IF You do); hobby; Kids (Rugrats); How You came up with your Forum Name; etc.
    I'm a service mechanic for a pump comp.. Been one for the past 20+ years. I play guitar which is a 1968 Gibson Les Paul; I like collecting Old bicycles like Schwinn's. Still have my Dad's 1939 which looks really nice. I clean them up, ride them then hang them up in my 40' trialer out back. Think I got like 38 bikes now :roll: . Ride my motorcycles which are a 1988 Sportster and a 2005 FLHTCI. Rugrats are 6 and 14 and love them dearly. sambo42xa came from, well, sambo is just a nickname taken from our last name. The 42xa is from a 1942 XA Harley Davidson....sambo42xa. My uncle has one and I hope some day I end up with it 8) !
    Oop's, did I say I like shooting my Hi-Points too?! :wink:
  2. Silicon Wolverine

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    My day job is an electronics and route tech for a gaming and amusement company. I have a 20 month old duaghter. I shoot steel silhouettes for fun in the summer and reload all winter.


  3. Firefighter/EMT, currently working for the AmeriCorps St. Louis Emergency Response Team. Play guitar (cruddy Stratocaster) and drums (Pearl Masters) as a hobby, no kids, I love my 4095, and I spend way too much time on the computer.
  4. Design engineer for a pipeline company. No kids yet, but trying. Been maried for 3+ great years, wife stays at home and cooks every day (hence "great years"). Ameature machinist as a hobby, you guys know my work.
  5. I'm kinda between jobs right now. Although nothing is full-time, I still work as an HR consultant for the military -- more like a glorified contractor -- doing mobilization and demobilization of soldiers going to and from deployments. Of course, all of that is based on who and when folks are going to and from... then I can get paid. I wish I had a more permanent schedule. I'm kinda hoping I can get something full time that pays in the HR field, but I'm not at that level yet. Either that or another teaching gig at Columbia College, Central Texas College, Savannah Tech, or something like that -- I've given up on Pheonix and similar on-line colleges

    Momma is still on active duty waiting to retire. My daughter is currently going to NC State.

    Hobbies include shooting paper, movies, music, and family time (but my wife thinks one of my hobbies is landscaping -- she is so wrong.)
  6. warwemust

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    I am a acute care/surgery nurse. I am a cook/MP ANG. I am a contract mgr. for GuardQuick. I have been married 15 yrs this mo. and have 5 kids. :eek:
  7. Kyu

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    I'm a molecular/x-ray physicist at University of Wisconsin. In my free time I play guitar, bass and mandolin (for the other players guitar is an Ibanez Artcore AG75 and the bass is an ORIGINAL '72 Fender Musicmaster), teach karate, play hockey, ski, curl, bicycle, camp, if it's outside I'm probably doing it.

    Edit: D'OH! Forgot to add where my handle comes from. Kyu is japanese for an apprentice's degree. Or, one who is still learning. Aren't we all ? :D
  8. unclerob

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    Retired via medical disability for the last 9 years.
    Prior to that, Computer network specialist. 5 years.
    Prior to that, Built missile guidance systems. 7 years.
    Prior to that, Airline industry. 10 years
    Not married. GF of 14 years has two grown kids, out on their own.
    I am Unclerob 'cause my God son, and his sisters, have called me that their whole life.
  9. I own my own ice cream cart business ( not a bad living )
    my hobbies are advanced rockets , hunting , shooting , reloading .
    my forum name came from a neighbor who works for homeland security. I was loading up my rocket gear for a two day launch and some one called the police on me my neighbor cleared me " he's legal boys thats just dukenukum "
    the name stuck .
  10. Ok, I am disabled, parilized from the waist down. and missing one leg. dont feel sorry for me, I still have a great time. I was a paint and body man for 30 years
    for hobbies I try to play the geetar ( not too well), shoot my guns, fish, build knivies and rings.
    my handle came from high school football, I was big jim :lol:
  11. I'm a detective for a state law enforcement agency.

    I have two boys.

    My hobbies include shooting, hunting, camping, photography and youth sports.
  12. Unfortunately disabled due to physical problems. Its sucks but life goes on. I will enjoy however many years I have left as much as I can, no regrets.

    Spent 7 1/2 years in the regular army, tanks
    7 years Okla National Guard, Combat Engineer
    Various other jobs from foundry worker to bug killer. If it was bad for your health, I did it.

    Hobbies are guns and ancient coins. Did I mention guns?

    Live with my ex wife, we get along fine as long as we are not married ;)

    She is a good woman, keeps me from spending all of our money on guns and we end up eating beans and weenies and living in a pup tent.

    Last stepkid is 18 and soon the nest will be empty, cant wait!!!

    48 yrs old.
  13. azcarbine

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    I'm a computer programmer currently on contract at Edward Jones. I've been in IT in some capacity since starting as an operator in New Orleans in 1970. Thats a LONG time! I'm married and have a daughter going to ASU in the Walter Cronkite school of journalism. My wife is also a programmer at American Express.
    Hobbies are pretty much shooting out in the desert with my buddies and occasionally a little off roading.
    The moniker AZCARBINE combines AZ for Arizona and carbine since the only HiPoint that I presently own is the 995 and I love it!
  14. Im a conductor with a class 1 railroad. I take trains between Atlanta Ga and Chattanooga TN. I have 2 kids. My son is 9 and my daughter is 7. With the little free time I have I like to go plinking.

    SHOOTER Z Well-Known Member

    Armed Security Officer 20 years Retired firefighter 22 years in which I was a firefighter, Head of communication ,and fire investigations photographer, also my town's deputy emergency management director, EMT,founding member of theh town's rescue squad,

    I've done construction, gas pump attendent and have been a Certified Nursing Assistant Even tried working at a sewege treatment plant but I didn't like having to all the sh^t from just about everyone :wink: :lol:

    I am an amatuer radio operator and a scanner buff and I read a lot of books on WW2

    Single with no kids just niecs and nephews to spoil when they're around
  16. Full time student Indiana State, studying aerospace tech, and working on commercial pilots certificate.
    Part time consturction worker/Dump truck driver.

    In my free time like most here I love to shoot, also snowboard, water skii etc, done some climbing, basically anything outdoors, used to be amateur boxer, now I just officiate matches(when I can find the time)
  17. What?! No millionaires out there who would want to adopt someone like Me? :D
  18. I am a physicians assistant and work in family medicine and sports medicine with a sub-specialty in dermatology. We are the team doctors for a pro indoor football team and a local minor league hockey team. Been married for nearly 20 years and have 5 kids.

    When I can I spend as much time at the range or on the river fishing for salmon and steelhead. I try to go to all the hockey and football games I can.
  19. Courier for a private pharmaceutical co. That pays the bills. Own Wisconsin Web Designs, my internet development co. I am its only employee. But thats what I love to do.

    In the Corp. from 1978 until 1982. Free time spent at the range or online FPS games and WOW.

    2 years ago I lost my wife to suicide after 15 years of drug and alcohol abuse. Now I have a cat.
  20. I'm a parts guy at the local Dodge-Chrysler-Jeep dealer.
    Been doing automotive stuff for almost 9 years. Before that I was a butcher at a local supermarket. I figured out real quick I hated the cold room, the cold meat, and the smell of green goo on the band saw when we got a bad ham and tried to slice it. So thats when I fell back on what I knew, Cars.
    I like guns, as you can imagine. Reading,history,I dont watch much TV anymore but I still catch a select few shows,Movies, My X-Box360, hunting and fishing when I have the chance, an occasional comic book or too.
    My wife and I have a dog and a cat.