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  1. EasyE

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    I have been kickin around the idea of picking up a springfield m1a or an AR. I've got about 1200 to spend and was wanting some advise. Keep in mind HD, SHTF, and hunting.


  2. I've been thinking about an AR in .308 or an M1A-M14 clone for a while. I started out serious about the M1A--found a Norinco M14, almost bought it. Looked at a used DPMS .308 AR, made an offer, wasn't accepted.

    As I talked with people who had more experience with them I kept hearing more positive about the AR, so that's what I was seriously shopping for.

    Then I found a good deal on an L1A1 and bought it. I really like it, but it has a thumbhole stock that I'm working on getting rid of. Again, no hurry and I've been asking a lot of folks about it. I think I know what I'm going to do with it and it will probably stay as my .308 -- becoming my 'go to gun.'

    Or, knowing how I've always been about guns--I may do something entirely different!


  3. browwiw

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    Buy 10 SKSes.

    I'm absolutely no help.
  4. bobm

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    It would depend on you. What do intend to do, bug out or hunker down. What kind of enviroment do you live in, flat with plains or hills and mountains. Also the 5.56 is fine for varmants two or four legged, but not for hunting per se. An M-1 unless you are used to the weight will get heavy real quick, and you're not gonna hump a lot of ammo. Make out a pro/con list and consider what you intend the weapon primarily for.
    Just a suggestion.
  5. 47_MasoN_47

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    I'd vote for M1a myself, but I'm not a huge fan of ARs.
  6. browwiw

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    Actually, bobm, .233 has become for deer hunting around where I live. Of course, western Kentucky is classic brush hunting terrain and you get a bit more 'umph' out of any round at those ranges. Also, granted, a popular shooting range around here (the one I belong to, in fact) holds a regular action shooting competition and they've 'sucked in' a lot folks. Buy or build a pricey rifle like the AR and you got to get as much use out of at as you can, right?
  7. elguapo

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    Damn: tough call.
    I own an AR, but really wouldnt want to hunt with it, as I have NO ammo adviseable for hunting.

    But with that budget, I would go with either a old M1903, in '06, or a M1 Garand.

    The $1200 budget really does bring in some nice rifles, price wise.....it really depends on you!
  8. Ridge

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    Honestly I would go for a SOCOM II for that price range...
  9. I would buy a bunch of AR receivers.
  10. condition1

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    if it comes to AR or m1a, I would go with m1a. its not great for HD though. Too much power, but take it out in the open and you're in business. I've heard bad things about anything but a USA (springfield or fulton) but they are a lot more expensive. SOCOM 18" should be ok, but still a little heavy cause of al the crazy rails. Mine is 22" walnut. A thing of beauty.
    +1 on the 'weight you down' they are about 9 pounds empty.
    a 30-30 lever is my brush gun, it just depends on what and where your doing whatever it is you are doing. You have a LOT of options with that budget. let me say that again. LOTS of options.
  11. elguapo

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    Theres an Idea.
  12. Ridge

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    Yeah, Ive been looking at a couple 16" SOCOMs...they are stupid heavy with all the rails, but take them off, maybe leave a mount for a bipod and another for some optics, and you are good to go :)
  13. DPMS Lower. Then you can pick and choose a couple different uppers. Get one in .223/5.56 and one in 308 or whatever. OOOR you can drop 800-900 on an AR and ACCESSORIZE it. ohh ohh BETA C MAG!
  14. Ari

    Ari Guest

    Good AR or a good M1a would be a great weapon. Something with a heavy chrome molly barrel would be very cool. My AR has a Wilson heavy barrel and my M1 has a krieger chrome molly barrel. They both really shoot, but the match grade AR out shoots the M1 hands down. They weigh about the same. My AR weighs about 8.5 lbs
  15. Uraijit

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    Can't really go wrong with either of those weapons in that price range.
  16. EasyE

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    I've shot an M16a2 ,my junior year of highschool, on a marine base in virginia.I've only field stripped it once. While I was in the ROTC, All 4 years, I was on the silent drill team throwing a complete m14 around so the weight is not an issue, but never fired one .

    I think I might go with the dpms in .223 and get a bunch of ammo. Then later on I can go with the .308 upper. On the other hand I plan on doing a bit of hunting as well and i'm in oklahoma so targets (deer, or what have you) could be a pretty good distance. anyone ever take out game at long distance with a .223?

  17. I had a Norinco M14 a long time ago and absolutely loved it. I sure miss it. Great shooting rifle.
  18. I would get a AR with a carbine upper in .223 and a upper in .204 ruger. You could also go with 6.8 rem, or any other of the numerous chambers that go with a standard lower??
  19. I would rather get a dedicated .22LR upper and a 223 upper. Cheap plinking upper and a standard AR upper.
  20. Ridge

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    You can shoot .22 out of an AR just by changing the bolt carrier group and the magazine...