What do you like for a carrying case for your 995?

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  1. What do you like for a carrying case for your 995? Do you use something that doesn't appear to be a rifle case?
  2. Good question.

    Right now I just toss it in the back of the Cherokee and cover it with an old fleece blanket when going to the range.

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  4. I bought an Uncle Mike's Medium Tactical Rifle black, padded, ballistic nylon bag.

    It's about 3" longer than the 995, has 3 velcro-sealed pouches for mags and boxed ammo, an open pouch and a large velcro-sealed pouch for what-ever. It will hold your 995 with original stock and a mounted red-dot.

    Cost $24.95 at Sportsman Warehouse, but you might get a break at some other retailer.

    I like it.
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    Must make for a pretty good quick draw 8)
  6. I use the black soft case that Hi Point sells for mine
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    Actually, a slightly modified violin case might work just fine. Let us return to the roaring days of the Chicago typewriter. :p

    Been looking for a padded rifle case but for right now, it rides in the back floorboard of my truck. Quicker access that way in case of SHTF or TEOTWAWKI.
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    Uncle Mike's 31" rifle bag

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    I am looking for a Violin case for my father in laws at the moment. Then a smaller one for my PLR-16
  10. right now I Just throw the carbine on my back and go. My .308 on the other hand lives in a plano 2 gun case(by itself) along with a couple of boxes of shells, its sling, and bipod.
  11. Wolf 38" tactical-3 pockets for the 6 clips. :)
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    back seat of my p.u.
    dont need no stinkin case,she aint that ugly.lol
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    Fender guitar case. Tons of room for the blaster and cleaning kit, and it's alot more sociable. For some reason, people STILL get weirded out seeing a case that looks like it might even carry a gun.
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  16. Here is the Uncle Mikes that I had origanally. I really liked it. It was not really rugged but I was not using it for a tactical case at all.

    It is a great case if your are just going to the range and back. It was also low priced. I think I paid 19.99 at Sportsmans warehouse.



    Now it hold magazines lol. Just until I get off of this deployment lol.


    Here is the new case I scored!!!!!! This is one tough case! Everything in it is double stiched. And everything has a reinforcment strap on it. One of the best things on it is the 2 hook and loop straps on eack end of the case that keep the whole case tight. The way the weight carries in it that would be right where the zipper would blow out. I dont think it would I believe this case was made to be a spare barrel bag for a M240B barrel and tri-pod. (Atleast that is what we use them for)

    The only down side to it is the cheesy carry strap. Once I get to it I will make a heavy duty strap for it.





    They do have a phone number for anyone interested in one of these. I am in no way apart of this company. Just passing the info.
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  18. That is one bad case griff. You got one hell of a deal on it too!!!!

    Great find
  19. I like that case, Stryker1. Its nice to have friends in Mobility that let you "x-mas shop". Thats how I got extra sets of Gore-Tex and boots during my enlistments.

    Anyways, whats the company name/number. Even the cheesy strap is decent.