What do you think about the looks of the hi-point pistols?

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Do you think hipoint pistols are

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  1. ugly

  2. alright

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  3. actually look cool

  4. got beat with the ugly stick a whole lot

  1. shelbyzman

    shelbyzman Member

    What do you think about the looks of the hi-point pistols?

    After getting the C9, I actually think that is looks pretty good.
  2. gunnut

    gunnut Member

    I spent a few years passing this in the gunshop and chuckling to myself before I ever picked one up. As soon as I did I told the salesman to box it up.

  3. I think they are OK looking, I don't worry about the looks as long as they function properly.
  4. gregj

    gregj Member

    I think it looks pretty cool. But the view that really matters most is the view the BG will get of the business end.
  5. i don't think my Hi Point pistol look good at all. but beauty is only skin deep and my c9 and shoot harder than that.
  6. i think the ugliest part is the grip. if hp change the grip to any "noncheap looking plastic", there will be less hp hater out there.
  7. so I`m strange, I like the looks of the hi point guns, all of them. I like the way they work better. but I still like the way they look. that is why I have 5 of them and working on getting the rest of them. to me beauty is a part of function, and man do they function.
  8. I laughed when my son showed me one at the dealer we deal with. I told him he was holding a plastic toy. Well he didn't listen to me and he bought the 40 S&W a week later. After we went to the range and I shot it I went the next week and bought me the C9.

    It looks kind of strange, but I love my C9 and wouldn't part with it. I added the bicycle tube to the grip and have shot it and can't complain.
  9. I agree with gregj and big Jim T. I like the looks of the Hi-Points.
    I rate them as...
    - C9 is a 9
    - CF380 is a 9
    - C9 Comp is a 7
    - .40 is a 6
    - .45 is a 6

    The only 10 in my house is my wife.
  10. Sorry to say that I don't like the look. I mean, is alright; but, I just don't care for the power drill look. That's it. I feel the C9 looks just fine with the 8 round magazine.

  11. exactly my thoughts, but throw a houge grip on it and it looks and feels ten times better.
  12. my .45 i rate a 6 in looks department. as soon as i threw on that houge grip it went to a 8 easily.
  13. Strangerous

    Strangerous Member

    It's a function over form piece. Looks aren't that important to me, but the C9 has grown on me, When i first got it, it was a "3.25" now that i've gotten used to it, It's a "8.75" in my book. YMMV.
  14. p7196

    p7196 Guest

    I like everything but the grips. They look cheap. If HP would put the grips they used in the past for them they would look and feel great.
  15. I originally thought the C9 was ugly, still do but it kind of grows on you.
    Function and accuracy make up for it's shortcomings in the looks dept.
  16. I'm of mixed opinion, though I voted 'cool'. I _love_ my C9, though I agree that the others are sorta long in the leg and spraddled out. That said, I'll take the.45 in a second.
  17. personally, I like the way they look. I agree that there should be some sort of replacement grip, as they do tend to bring down the overall look of the weapon, but the rest of it looks great. I have honestly never seen a .45 HP in person, but from the way they look, they just scream "mans gun" big, menacing, and impressive looking.
  18. I voted "alright", but the C9 does look better than just alright. It's the .40 and .45 that look just alright.

    .40 and .45----------> Nothin' like cordless drills that sling lead!
  19. deaconwagers

    deaconwagers Guest

    i really like the c9. but honestly, i don't like the .40s and .45s. that and they're HUGE.
  20. firerat

    firerat Guest

    I think my C9 is ugly as sin.
    That being said, I didn't buy it for beauty. I bought it because it was inexpensive, and it throws lead down range at it's intended target accurately, and relatively reliably.

    (edited for moronic statement :oops: )