What do you use for a Carry gun??

Discussion in 'CCW & Open Carry' started by TheGunMan, Mar 10, 2009.

  1. What is your concealed carry gun?

    What holster is your favorite for concealment?
  2. CZ 82 custom nylon IWB holster or my Taurus PT111 Mil Pro in a smart carry... for both I carry 2 spare mags.

  3. For me it will be a PA-63 in a JMG shirt-tuckable holster.
  4. Believer

    Believer Member

    Most the time its a forbes. As far as which one... I try to give them all a fair amount of fresh air. lol... Most my time Im either at a construction site or on a bike and like to people to know that there is a canon within reach.
  5. minidriver

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    Taurus PT-111 in a pocket holster in right front pocket of cargo pants. I have only been "made" once and that was by a 20 year cop that knew I carried.
  6. Silicon Wolverine

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    for daily work i mostly carry my Sig P6 in the front slash pocket of my jacket. otherwise its my beretta 21A in a back pocket. if im going away from home any distance i up it to my 10mm glock for primary and i usually have my tokarev in my backpack no matter wherei go.

  7. Unfortunately I live in a state ruled by Madistan, so no carry for me. :(
  8. andrew241

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    It depends on the weather and clothes I have to wear. Winter time it will be my 1911 GI, SW model 39, or keltec p11. Summer time its mostly the p11.
  9. Most of the time my Taurus 605ss .357mag 2in snuby. Nomaly I just use my Uncle Mikes inside the pant pancake holster unless I am messing around outside then I wear my uncle mikes hip holster with thumb break latch .
  10. For CC, Kel Tec PF9 in a Uncle Mikes in my pocket; sometimes IWB on the hip if I have an untucked shirt.

    For OC, Kimber Pro Carry II in a Fobus, right side @ 3-4 o'clock. Usually at least one spare mag in a pocket.
  11. Most of the time, Springer EMP, in UBG holster.

    Some of the time, M&P40C in High Noon IWB.

    Deep needs, I do Keltec P-11 on the ankle.
  12. mostly my PA 63 in front pocket of my jeans or HP c9 in shoulder holster
  13. Winter time or a bit further from home a Kimber 1911, warmer weather, in the neighborhood and on the jogging paths a Ruger LCP.
  14. I switch between a Glock 19 and a CZ Rami 2075. Either IWB or in a Fobus holster. I've also been know to carry both. Soon as I pick up a Fobus for my Sig P226, I'll add that to the mix. All I've got for it now is a duty holster.
  15. 69burbon

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    I proudly carry my C9 in either a Fobus hip or in a shoulder holster. I'd like to get something smaller for summer carry but I usually wear a long shirt so cover isn't an issue.
  16. the HI-POINT j h p big gun but great exercise :D and as I am a big guy it conceals well .
  17. The Raddish

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    My response from another forum:

    What firearm do you carry? Kel-Tec PF-9.
    What holster do you use, if any? Integrated belt clip mounted to the gun.
    Where do you carry? ankle? hip? purse? Right hip, either IWB or in my right pocket, depending on what I'm wearing.
    Do you carry with a round in the chamber? Always.
    If applicable, do you use the safety? There is no safety on the PF9.
  18. Previously, a Taurus PT-22 in pocket. Currently, C-9 in inside pants holster.