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Well the P stands for polymer apparently. The older, all metal versions are just JH and JC without the P.
Um not sure if you are meaning the P+ designation? and actually I just tried to find it again, but I had seen earlier when researching HI-Point, that the P+ referenced a heavier designation as far as the design with the slide being heavier then most as it needed to be for the blow back design of hi-points in general. That being why they were all heavier and not as pretty as some of the more pricey brands. Something to do with compensating for the polymer. I will try to find the link for that article again this evening when I get off work.

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Anyone ever get an answer? I have been wondering the same thing since getting my .45 last week.
Well let's put it this way. As soon as we thought we had it all figured out the inventors wife popped up and said we don't know $hit and didn't care enough to set the facts straight. So just make up your own answers.
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