what don't you like about HP pistol?

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  1. first of all, just to let all you know i own a c9, and love it. but there always something that HP could be better. my c9 is inexpensive, reliable, eat most cheap ammo, reliable, i had one problem with it once but cs and tech help me out and since them work fine just as usual.

    i don't care about the look, yes the plastic grip is not a looker and when you hand sweat it's a bit slippery, but it can easily fix by a 10 bucks hogue grip or even a bike tube. so not a problem.

    only thing i don't like about my c9 and can't fix it is the slide safe (or slide block, i don't think i ever use it as a safe), the metal piece lay just under my thumb and make my grip uncomfortable when i rapid fire. it is also pretty hard to move around, at least i never seem other guns slide safe that tough (to push up, push down is easier).

    well, that's just me. can't ask any more for a $150 gun. but what are your dislike about HP? what change you will like to see on your HP pistol? don't matter c9 or .40, .45.
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    Well, I have limited recent experience with guns of any type, am a newb to handguns and have only had the C9 for under a week and have only put 250 rounds through it. So take my comments with a grain of salt.

    1. It would be nice to be able to remove the slide without tools. My only comparison is the wife's G22 that we bought at the same time, but when we came home from the range and it was time to clean up, she had her slide off before I had the hammer and drift out of the cleaning kit. I imagine it would be even more inconvenient if you had to tear down in the field.

    2. I think it should come with at least one more magazine, preferably a 10-round. They're absolutely impossible to get around here, so you have to wait for shipping time, and the aforementioned 250 rounds means more time loading than shooting. 1,000 rounds of free ammo would be nice too. :wink:

    3. Possibly the best thing would be if every person who's ever heard the name Hi-Point would STFU about how crappy of a firearm they are. Unfortunately the company can't do much about that.

    Other than that, so far I dig it.

  3. Better 10 round mags - I've had nothing but problems with my 10 round. The first one was bad, (I could only load 6 rounds, after 6, the would hang up in the mag and only the back of the round would be at the feed lips, the front pointing down into the mag), I sent that one back, quickly received a new one (Great customer service), but I've been doing everything mentioned on this group (adjusting and polishing the feed lips, keeping it loaded, polishing the follower) and still can't get it to work with more that 8 rounds in it. I have had no problems with the 8 round mag - only the 10.
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    Magazine appears to be the weakness.

    I am a relatively new C9 owner and I love the gun. I only wish the magazine were higher quality and higher capacity.

    It is a struggle just to get the 8th round in the mag. I will keep it loaded a couple of weeks and see if it loosens up a bit.

  5. 1. It would be nice to have a hi cap mag.

    2. Redesign the safety.
  6. I'd kind of like the "bling" version in a polished nickel. Or just skip the coating and give it a clear coat of something. The plastic grips could stay black, just shine the rest of it up.
  7. A double stack magazine. Nuff said.
  8. The only thing I could say is that I wish the C9 had a mounting rail like the 40 and 45 so a laser could be mounted.

    I know...the C9 Comp has the rail...but it would be nice if the actual C9 had a rail on it.

    Other than that I LOVE my C9 and after shooting my son's 40 and a friends 45 I can't say one bad thing about these firearms!

    The only issue I have ever had is like someone else mentioned...I purchased an extra 8 round mag (no problems) and a 10 round mag (problems). Won't go into it here, I have already posted that. To me the mag issue isn't a pistol problem...it is the mag. Maybe better QC on the mags.
  9. I agree with WVHunter129... a mounting rail.
  10. For the price you pay you cant expect the features that come on a Kinber.

    The only think I dont like about my HP pistols is that it is more likely for me to have a jam due to the blowback design and limpwristing.

    That is not the fault of the pistol, but of myself, so actually it is something that I dont like about myself ;)
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    i would like to see them remove that big tupperwear container off the bottom of the 40 and 45 mags.its ugly. 8)
  12. the .45 mag....that thing on the bottom has to go...and its a little heavy. ok, that being said, i love my hi points!!
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    1. Easier to field strip.
    2. In .40 or .45 an optional 6 inch barrel
    3. Double stack 14 round mags.
  14. I wish there was a version without polymer coating and it was chrome.
  15. rubber grips ( I don't like slip on covers)

    other than that, you just can't beat it. honestly, who cares about picatinny rails, lasers, flashlights, flux capacitors, and all those other bells and whistles. the gun is just what I like in a gun simple, inexpensive, reliable, and functional.

    there isn't a huge selection of aftermarket parts for the gun(holsters mag carriers etc.) which is something that I would like to see changed, but if you are crafty, you can come up with alternatives. I have personally learned that teh cheap little generic knife sheaths hold a C9 8 rd mag perfectly. since I have a crosman holster which has an extra mag pouch, and one of those little generic sheaths, that gives me 24 rounds of ammo at my disposal (once I purchase my thrd mag anyways).
  16. The company beamshot makes a mounting rail for hi-point pistols, it is a trigger mount. They are called p mounts, the model is P5A.

    I know this site sells that mount model combined with one of their laser models.


    Also on the beamshot website, they misspelled hi-point, but quite a few sites sell the p-mount for about 16.00 or less.

    They also have another universal rail, and also sell a small tac light that goes with their mounts, for all those who are interested.
  17. I second the removal of the mag extension on the 45 model. Without that, I actually like the lines of the pistol, and I don't think it looks bad at all.

    I have my Fobus for my 45, and I think it is as comfortable as it's going to be carrying this pistol, so I'm not worried there in terms of holsters and such. And a laser? You'd easily pay as much as the gun or more for a proper laser system mounted on a rail.......what's the point?
  18. 1. Weight and aesthetic appearance, but that's minor stuff.
    2. Hi-cap mags (still minor stuff to me, but it would be nice).
    3. Ability to field strip/disassemble a lot easier.
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    double stack mags would be the only thing i would like to see.
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    Hmmm, very good question. Here's my dislikes about it.

    1-Size of slide and extra weight due to such a bulky slide.

    2-Grips could use some texture, and more HP grip options would be nice.

    3-Flimsy safety/slide latch

    4-No acces. rail on 9mm and .380

    5-I absolutely HATE the mag base on the 40/45. I just can't understand why HP won't redesign the mag bases. Previous HP's didn't have such a large mag base. Why did they change it-and how costly could it be for them to redo it?

    Out of all that I'd say that the biggest grip I have is the size of the slide, but that goes for EVERY model HP makes. I love these guns, great shooters, reliable, accurate, but so bloody HUGE due to the slides. There's nothing compact about them.... Just wish they could come up with another way to shave down that slide.