What else was he supposed to do?

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by bluharley, Nov 29, 2014.

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    I agree, if his job is to plow the roads he looks like he is doing a fine job. I guess he was enjoying himself too much and that is why he was let go. Can't have people doing a job they enjoy.

  3. Did you even watch the video? It was obvious that guy was a total jerk & deserved to get fired! :mad:
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    My question is which is more important clearing the road for vehicle traffic or people not having their cars buried by said A-hole plow driver. I noticed that all the homes had driveways, why park on the street when you most likely know that the plows will be running. I never said he wasn't an a$$, just that he enjoyed his job. So yes I did watch the video.
  5. When I was kid, my Dad had two of those plastic hydrobarriers that he kept empty and stuck at the end of the driveway on plow days. The snow would pile up on them, and all's he would have to do is push them out off to the side; no shoveling necessary, since we would have already shoveled the driveway and this cleared it in like five seconds each.

  6. Didn't you pick up on the comments he was making? That's what got him fired, I'll just bet. :rolleyes:
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    I haven't even listened to it. To me it doesn't matter, he was supposed to clear the road and that's what he did. Social media takes all the fun out of thing these day.
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    ROFLMAO for those that complain about where the snowplows puts the snow on the side of the roads needs to petition their city, county and state to have heaters installed on the roadways so it will melt the snow as it is falling and then their would be no need for snowplows.
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    LOL! Just turned the sound on, funny. I still don't think he deserved to get fired.

  10. Too many whiny Bostonites.... ;)
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    That video is from last year. It was uploaded in Feb of 2013. ;)
  12. I kinda figured, it didn't look like that much snow considering how much snow got dumped on the NE. But his youtube video probably caused public relations problems. When you are a employee you can be fired for any reason that does not have to do with protected class. While he was doing his job, he instigated and acted like a buffoon. I have no sympathy for idiots.

    People get fired all the time for being rude to customers.
  13. "just a little video..for all you f..in shut in's"...LOL. I think this guy is hilarious ....He's just lucky they didn't find the bottle of booze in the truck....But if they don't want him...send him my way...Sometimes if we get a good snow it takes 2 days for them to clear the County roads where i live. So i have to watch the forecast. If more than a few inches are expected i stay at my Parents house in town, or just sleep at the hospital (snowed in, is not an excused absence where i work) I'll take this guy...he's gettin the job done....
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    But it's timeless! It snows every year.
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    +1 that...... I can't "not" go in either..... Peoples got to have their power, the self centered bastards!
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    Plow drivers can swing the plow straight and carry snow past driveways and cars. Burying cars makes them a hazard for the next plow driver. Guy who plows here in town swings the blade flat as he passes my driveway and then pushes it all up into my bush out front. So yes the guy was being a jerk on purpose.
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    What is snow asks the guy from Texas. We just get ice.
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    That looked like an old rig. He was a contractor, probably his own rig that didn't have that capability. Not sure, just maybe.
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    well i dont have the pleasure of sitting at home either when bad weather sets in since i work for a city municpalty so some one has to get out and keep things a going, wish people would learn how to plan ahead instead of waiting til a storm hits then decide they need a loaf of bread or some milk. I know people that only buys for 1 meal at a time and nothing else.
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    Sounded like he was PO'd at his bosses for making him go push snow that was already piled up, he knew it would cause issues, but guess they didn't care...so he didn't care, and had some fun with it.

    Personally, I'd have fired him. And then I'd be hunting down the ass hats that were in charge of him and determining if they need to go find another job, too.:cool: