What engineers do when they retire

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    very cool thanks for sharing

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    Well! That is neat, interesting and clever. I am a retired engineer and I am not that bored.
  3. Worked fine for me primal. Very very very cool...but man did that take for ever or what?
  4. Lot of work involved there. I wonder how many takes they had to do to get it all right?
  5. i've never been that bored.....!!!!
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    that was the best one I have ever seen!
  8. I still can't get the damn file to open so I can see it... Damn it.
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    Primal just shoot your self.

    That was pretty amazing.

    Makes one wonder how long it took to set up and rearange to finaly get the end result.

    Not to mention the amount of space it took I am left wondering if this is a single guy as My wife would KILL me.

    Very inginuative (spelling).

    I also wonder how long the reset time is.

    The difficulty of getting it all on film as well as decently as they did is a marvil in its self.
  10. That was one of the most clever 'Rube Goldberg' devices I've ever seen. And I've got quite a collection of videos of them since we have students do that as a project in Physical Science. Excellent job of carrying all the ideas through as well.

    Thanks for posting it.
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    That was fun.. I kept expecting it to start the mornings coffee going
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    I always thought Honda's Goldberg device was the business.

  13. Honda one is very clean and cool, but it took a team of people and a budget. I am more impressed when some guy or a couple of "normal" people do something like this.
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    This is way more than the Rube Goldberg machine i made in 9th grade.. the checkmate was awesome on this video!
  15. Thayldt21

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    When the tires rolled up the thing it looked to be animated or faked.

    Cool as it was I agree that the home built one had a eliment of FUN and creativity with hoouse hold items.
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    Not faked, weighted. They weighted the tires to roll "up". No CGI to speak of.

    Agreed, the original post was great. That took some time, ingenuity and imagination to be sure.
  17. I liked the fact that nearly everything they used I could find in my house somewhere. Nothing special ordered from nasa.
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    Nothing in the Honda commercial except car parts. Sure it took a team of engineers, but the single shot and NO CG is damn impressive.