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While I own plenty of guns. If God forbid I ever get in any gunfight much less at 100+ yards I am doing something REALLY wrong. Seeing as I am in an area that is heavy suburb I do not see allot of 100+ yard fights occurring. Currently I have a slew of 9mm lead to throw but that is best used in CQC at 1-40 yards.

Unce I upgrade my 995 with a nice red dot I will use a 995 92fs combo. (Although the 995 doesn't have high mag capacity it more then makes up for it in accuracy, size, and weight in my opinion. Until then my main armor will be a Winchester 12 gauge, and a Springfield 1911. Both combo's in my opinion are more suited for defensive situations or used in a group SHTF situation then offensive as I would be clearly outgunned at 50+ yards if my enemy brought any modest rifle.

To counter this I have thought about purchasing a Saiga 12 gauge or rifle rounds < .308. As I believe it would be the ultimate home defense tool and perhaps the best available suburb firearm choice. I wouldn't use a .308 round as I believe it would not be suited in urban combat. 5.56, 7.32x69, or .223 is the preferred round in an offensive scenario in neighborhood combat.

Here is another topic of discussion. When we talk about SHTF. What knife do you use? I am looking at purchasing a buck hunting knife for about $40 once my paycheck comes in.
1 - 1 of 37 Posts
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