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"SHTF" encompasses a rather large set of circumstances, many of which would require vastly different firearms. Am I barricaded inside my house repelling hordes of spiky haired mutants intent on eating my food supply and kidnapping the Swedish Bikini Team I have so graciously allowed to stay with me during the crisis? Am I on foot sneaking through the woods trying to avoid the millions of others fleeing the big cities, hunting small game to keep myself fed? Am I alone, or do I have other capable adults with me to help out and diversify the weaponry? Am I travelling in a vehicle where ammo resupply doesn't mean what I can carry in a backpack is all I can count on having? Where am I scrounging my ammo from?

In some of those scenarios I would be happy with a nice repeating .22LR, others I want a minimum of .308, preferably belt fed!

In my local terrain, 3-4 MOA is plenty "close enough" for the shots I would likely be taking. Almost any decent rifle is capable of that. Even the AK47, while it has a rep for bad accuracy, can be vastly improved by replacing the sights with something better.
1 - 1 of 37 Posts
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