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What gun Accessories or parts did you buy today

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Just like the what Ammo and Gun did you buy today, except it's for your stocks scopes triggers mags etc....

I picked this up off another forum member and will be going on the N-PAP:cool:

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Very nice!! ;)

Did you get the scope mount yet?

More like an ammo accessory, but it works. Stumbled upon this doing my Sunday morning deal browsing.

Seem like a good price, $4.98, not sure on the shipping though.

Plant Wood Rectangle Tree Box


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Back in stock Mole!! Just got an email.
Rail and string wax for my crossbow. Also looked for a cocking device but didnt find what I wanted. Going to shop online for it now.
Bought the same stuff. As for the cocking device I got a Barnett one from Amazon, works well.
Ouch... that's no good... Look at the bright side, if you ordered that lower you have time to put that all together first :D

My lower should be together some time this week. Doing another project at the moment. I got that 24x1.5 non-threaded to threaded adapter I have to pin on my Bulgarian and put my new break on I received today. Got some cleaning rods and a new Bulgarian cleaning kit for the trap door also.

Then I have to put my Midwest Industries front rail custom made for the removable base Primary Arms Micro Dot, it will co-witness. The scope should be here this week.
I waited to long on the lower so now I'm watching for it to come back in stock at a reasonable price. The jolly roger or zombie lower by Spike's are for some reason what I want lol. I want to build the lower and the upper so I can have one rifle I built from parts myself.

Although part of me says screw it and buy a PSA complete blem magpul lower for less dough...
PSA does make some decent stuff. I have an upper from them in 223/556, for the money its hard to beat. I can group just as well as my friends with his Bravo Company AR.
I may get to assembling the lower sooner, I finished my project today on my Bulgarian SSR-85C-2.

Had to drill through the adapter piece and the barrel then pin it. It was easier than I thought it would be. It scared the crap outta me becuse it is an original CHF chrome lined Bulgarian barrel, but it only put a very small grove where I drilled and the pin got hammered in an TADA, I have a 24x1.5 thread.

This particular rifle came with the threads turned down so the diameter at the muzzle was .502. I could have threaded it 1/2x28 but I decided to go with the adapter, 24x1.5 is more true to a Bulgarian without having to replace the FSB.

If I decide to I can always just take it off and buy a new FSB but this was an easy fix.

Its on there pretty damn solid if I say so myself.

Anyway here are the "Parts/Accessories I bought today" and installed!!

New Adapter pinned in place:
Camera accessory Material property Auto part Automotive tire Household hardware

New Break:
Camera accessory Household hardware Cylinder Auto part Gas

Auto part Camera accessory Cylinder Bicycle part Gas

New Bulgarian cleaning kit (buttstock trap door):
Cylinder Gas Electric blue Font Metal

Overall new look!!
Air gun Trigger Gun barrel Wood Electric blue

You can also see the surplus Bulgarian cleaning rod installed in a few of the pics.

I'll get to the Midwest Industries handguards later but I got a good jump. Now for a beer and watch some football!!


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Almost forgot, a few days ago I finally got my Kobra red dot and side rail for my VEPR.

Kalinka Optics had a sale... you guys aren't the only enablers!!

Guitar accessory Bumper Musical instrument accessory Musical instrument Automotive exterior

Air gun Trigger Gun barrel Gun accessory Starting pistol


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That setup looks really nice. Did the adaptor just slide onto the bare, smooth metal around the muzzle? If so, did the out surface of the barrel need a notch for the pin to grab? I couldn't see a retaining pin on the front of the sight. Did you just use LocTite on your muzzle device?
The adapter slides on, you need a minimum .500 and a max of .508 I believe they told me (AK-Builder). Mine was sitting at .502. That gives it enough room for the pin to actually hold it in place when drilled. They turned down the threads really well on this one, you could barely notice that it was once threaded.

The adapter has a grove in it for the pin but it is of no use for holding on the actual break so I installed it to more or less just compress it in. Loctite is my friend on this one, it should have no problem keeping it on there.
I would definitely say that Loctite should do the trick for you. That really is a nice setup.
Thanks!! It's gives it an AK-74 kinda look which is what I was going for. Very happy how it turned out.
The Mosin stock showed up today :D


So did the scope mount for the Mosin


The Scope


Last but not least the muzzle break for the 7.62 AR upper showed up :D

Forgot to add the timney trigger. That showed up a couple weeks ago.


Downside is that the stock wasn't opened up for the timney trigger so the vendor sent me a return label so I have another week to wait. :(
That sucks!! But hey, good things come to those who wait right??? Yeah I hate that saying too.

All nice stuff though Rover!! Your going to be a busy bee. AR47 and Mosin conversion to do!!

let's see... I have my my Bulgarian "mostly" done... just the MI rail to install. Then I got a few parts for the VEPR conversion... I can put in the bullet guide but I need to get some furniture before I put in the stock adapter. Which reminds me... I still need to dremel off the thread protector and buy a break, lower hand guard retainer and new gas tube with hand guard retainers.

My lower for my AR47 is done... The front pivot takedown pin didn't fit so well. Not sure if it was the pin itself or the holes not lining up correctly. I had to sand off the finish on the end of the pin for it to go all in, and its REALLY snug... So going to try another pin from one of my other ARs and see if its the receiver or not. Pretty sure it is, it went in the one end fine but not the other. Its together though but I like knowing what's wrong...

Should have went with Anderson like my others but I figured what the heck and I tried the Bear Creek... I'll post some pics up soon.

Then maybe my Mossberg...

Gotta love a hobby that keeps you busy!!! I really wish I got into this younger and didn't spend all that money at bars!! It's much cheaper drinking at home!!
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I'm watching for a deal on a Spikes lower.

Although I did find a pretty sweet deal on a anderson lower with all the parts to build it for $110 shipped.

Yeah I've been waiting for 3 weeks for it to arrive. The stock otherwise is awesome so it's worth it to wait another week. I have the rifle all torn down and ready to drop in with the new trigger installed.

I've toyed with the idea of a timney trigger for the one I modified. I have read that they are damn good triggers. Let me know what you think and we'll see if I add that. My stock even has a removable bit in case it is install for the safety. Of course I only have a monty carlo on it, not a work of art like yours!!
I ordered the Mossberg 500 conversion kit. Barrel prices alone were close and it comes with two chokes... kind of a no brainer.

Gun barrel Font Auto part Gas Trigger


I see a timney trigger in my future too...

Oh and since they have $10.00 flat rate shipping I ordered "few" mags too...

1 more for my Springfield XD9
1 more for my SAR B6 Hawk
2 Asian 7.62x39 30 rounders
2 Bulgarian Steel 7.62x39 30 rounders
1 AR15-22 mag

of course after I order it I get an email saying free range bag with 10 mags...

Eh, I spent enough today anyway!!


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Well the Mossberg 500 Tactical Shotgun Conversion Kit W/ 20" Barrel showed up today from CDNN. It's a nice little kit for $99.00. Fit like a glove. I was a little concerned because my Mossy is from the 80's and the kit had a disclaimer for "most" versions.

It was super easy to do so putting the old girl back to original will be a breeze. Original config for hunting/skeet and my new tactical setup for any other time.

So like always, without pics this post is useless, here they are:
Office equipment Office supplies Wood Gun accessory Electric blue

Air gun Trigger Wood Line Shotgun

Gas Tints and shades Composite material Flooring Tool


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Hah! :p

My AK repair kit! :rofl:
Very true, but your missing a few paper clips and rubber bands!!:D
Let's see, I bought a 1/2x28 thread die, TAT and handle. A scope mount for my M1-22 (well my daughter's), a cheap holo for said M1-22.

I have everything for my AR-47 now except my upper receiver. That's next. Just ordered my upper parts kit.

Got my stock set for my VEPR and my bullet guide to install.

I have the slant back receiver adapter, gas tube, clamp on bottom hand guard retainer, and FCG in m cart at CSS so technically not yet.
So my scope mount showed up finally today for the N-PAP. It is kind of junk so I will need to get a different one at some point.

Also picked up while I was out 2 Tapco AK 30 round Mags. $8.49 each hard to pass up even though I know Tapco and AK is blasphemy.

Here is a pic with the mount, tapco mag and my Aimpoint 1000 mounted up.

Rover... you have to tweak it. It is a knock off. Mine has held zero and works nice. I like it way better than my UTG.

Bumper Automotive tire Flooring Wood Automotive mirror

Its sitting waaaaay to far towards the back so it doesn't lock up right. Do the mod and it will slide all the way on and you'll love it!!

Should look like this:

Air gun Shotgun Trigger Gun barrel Gun accessory

Air gun Trigger Machine gun Shotgun Gun barrel


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It will hold zero better after the tweak Rover, trust me :p

You can also adjust the tension on the quick connect, pull it down and tighten or loosen.
I have a UTG sitting in my spare parts box. I didn't like it. Not a quick disconnect and it sits way to high on the NPAP. The NPAP side rail sits higher than a standard AKM.

Air gun Trigger Machine gun Wood Gun barrel

This is an older pic, I had to get the cheek riser, its gone now though (the riser). If your using it for a red dot its fine but I like my AK optics closer to the dust cover.

The UTG mount works better on other AKM variants like the WASR or Hungarian models for example. If the one FF has goes I have one too if anyone left out is interested. I got it as a package deal from Classic when I bought my PAP from them. I just have to find the box I put it in :D


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Only way to go :D

Need re-evaluate how I packed the ammo for the move though. I can't lift the roller case. :rofl:
I put all my ammo in my wife's SUV and drove it up over the weeks prior to the move along with my rifles, but we settled on the house a few months before I actually moved in. The only thing that I moved on moving day was the safe, well along with all the other house stuff.

Good luck though, moving sucks but at the same time its exciting... weird huh?
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