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What gun Accessories or parts did you buy today

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Just like the what Ammo and Gun did you buy today, except it's for your stocks scopes triggers mags etc....

I picked this up off another forum member and will be going on the N-PAP:cool:

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A fleshlight for a block. 50.00
You sure about that?
He still hasn't figured it out. Or has he
Ye sure do it called E
I scored a slightly worn ballistic helmet just before the election! $149 for a high cut, secret squirrel, operator style was what I had been looking for! Made a cloth cover for it to cover some of the wear marks and just for the cool factor!
Paint works just fine.
Brownells. .........
You'll shoot your eye out kid
My last trip to Primary Arms for a while. SWMBO is coming soon. This is to finish up the bacics with my new toys.

Magpul MBUS Gen 2 Flip-Up Rear Sight - Black
MAG247-BLK 2 Magpul MBUS Gen 2 Flip-Up Front Sight - Black
MAG532-BLK 2 Magpul MOE K2+ AR15/M4 Grip - Black
MAG597-BLK 2 Magpul M-LOK MVG Vertical Grip - Black
MAG597-FDE 1 Magpul M-LOK MVG Vertical Grip - Flat Dark Earth
PAGSTCH 1 Primary Arms Tactical Camo Hat - Green Don't need the hat as it is mesh on the back. No protection for the head.
That mesh let's your head breath so you dont go bald.

Never mind
But I'm already bald! Hate mesh hats. Sunburn on the noggin hurts!
Get a wig
Ordered 6 AK Slings cause I like to use them for other guns and the shipper doubled it for free. So I ordered more. 22 inner mag tube. Back order damn it.
Get them they are good.
Yes. It's not anywhere near as picky as the upper. No high torque, nothing that needs to be fit just right. You just do it in the right order, use some little tricks like how to get the front pin in right with the spring and detent pin in there, and it's easy.
Anyone can build an AR. It's so easy glue sniffer can build one.
Gave up drinking the Erk and Jerk brandy?

It is nice to have a castlenut wrench for the lower. Not necessary.Do stock up on glue!

Says the special ed kid with the helmet on. We know you dont build anything. You break sh1t cause your webbed fingers and cross eyes.
Built the LRBHO PSA lower for my 10.5" 9mm carbine pistol.
No you didn't. You assembled it.
The pushing down on the spring while keeping things aligned is the part that gives me a hard time. That and getting the crappy roll pin started. Once started it squeezes in smoothly with a pair of channel locks.
KNS Precision, Inc. AR15 Hammer/Trigger Pin Assembly Guide Makes life easier for installing and removing the hammer pins. I use them all the time for other projects to. $16.00


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It will even penitrate her meatloaf. :D
Soo many things I could say
You bought it now shoot it
Mines not

This is clean now it's covered with junk as I'm doing other projects
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So this could have gone three places. Bought, Parts or Built. Since it was mostly done parts wise I'll go with this thread. Recently I was given a Savage Arms Model 73 .22 single shot bolt action. The barrel and stock were junk. Don't ask why. Just trust me on this one. Since I have no use for a single shot .22, I decided to build a youth rifle for my grandson. Scored an excellent shape Stevens 73Y barrel on Ebay for $20 +s&h. Bought a new stock w/ buttplate from Numrich (You'd think the buttplate would be new. Guess again.). Stock needed some minor fitting and after test firing, the extractor needed a bit of tweaking with a pair of needle nose pliers. Other than that it functions fine and shoots nice tight groups (although I still need to drift the rear sight over a bit more). Now I just need to decide if I want to stain the stock or leave it natural and just give it a BLO rub. All total it cost me $90 to build my grandson a $100 rifle.
I would do a nice stain finish on it with multiple different stains to bring out the wood grain then either poly, TRU OIL, or other top coat.
Finally got WiFi working at the camper. Glad Ajole and Kirk answered. It really depends on what finish you want. And prep and sanding between coats. M1s are TRU OIL and Mosin is water based poly. But there is a Poly that is made for outdoors that is not supposed to yellow and is flexible. I use it also but it's like paint cure time is around a week and it takes a few coats to get it really nice.
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That poly is a pretty good modern substitute for the shellac the Russians used. And that's the odd man out in this thread, no one has brought up shellac.
It never even crossed my mind
I like it but forget about it mostly
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