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What gun Accessories or parts did you buy today

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Just like the what Ammo and Gun did you buy today, except it's for your stocks scopes triggers mags etc....

I picked this up off another forum member and will be going on the N-PAP:cool:

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I picked up 2 boxes of HSM 200gr fmj 10mm “bear loads”. For the Iver Johnson 1911 long slide. Given the feeding issues I’ve been having due to the steepness of the feed ramp with the truncated and flat nosed bullets I figured I’d try these. The shape of the bullet is more round than conical. The tip is flat, but not as noticeable as the other brands I’ve tried.
Does anyone know the reason why all 10mm bullets are flat nose? .40sw seems to be the same way.
I had feeding problems in my Glock mag .40 S&W Gen 1 SUB-2000. I managed to find a local reloading service that had genned up some round nose .40 S&W. They fed better than the standard factory rounds, but I solved the issue by getting a Gen 2 in 9x19mm.
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I lost interest in the 40 Subbie. I figure any serious use it will kick itself to death and take some fingers with it.
It'll kick your shoulder to death, that's for sure. I've never gotten grabbed by the charging handle, but if you had a really bushy beard that could hurt.

My folding adapter for the AR stock adapter for the 4595 came in, now I'm wondering if I could get the bbl rethreaded if I dropped a stamp on the silly thing...
Ordered a Sylvan Arms AR-9 Glock magazine adapter, now all I need is a bbl...
They work pretty good, the endo mags work great too - I think it looks more natural in a standard AR receiver too.

Of course still need an AR-9 upper w/BCG no matter what.
I went blowback, so just a bolt, not a bolt-carrier group for gas or delayed-blowback, and you can shave standard uppers to kick out a 9x19mm case just like you would for .458 SOCOM.

What I don't like about Endomags, which goes back to an inherent weakness of the AR-9 platform, is when you remove the mag you remove the ejector. Last year we had a negligent shooting at a gunshow that I suspect was partially enabled by Endomags, and the vendor removing the magazine before cycling the action, then failing to check the chamber.
I use a digital Gen 1 active IR optic on my 870 w/ rifled slugs to hunt pigs @ night on Federal grassland that is shotgun only. Been awhile, and my hunting buddy has a newborn so he's not getting out much.
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On the fence, yes it's a Tacfire, thought they were Chinese but it does say USA made. $69.00 isn't a bad price, it's adjustable 3.5-6.5lb. Not like I need any more drop in triggers but guess it would give me an excuse to build another AR lol
$70 for a chassis trigger? Grab it.

ETA: Have you shopped w/ those guys before? Not seeing an address, be careful, could be fake.
I think it just bluetooths to your phone. The one I've been seeing is the Mantis X. Pretty much the same type thing. There are similar cheaper ones on Amazon, but this was kinda an impulse buy. That's how they get you at the Gun Shows.
That's EXACTLY it. I've sold a 1911 just by putting it into a gal's hand everytime she put it down. ;)
Holy crap, that's the best price I've ever seen on a chassis trigger.
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Let us know how it is....the wording about the mystery metal they used is worrisome.

Meanwhile, I'm, waiting for my handguards and "flash hider" to come in for my AR9 rifle upper, but I had a spare....4" on a 16", and the biggest flash can I own. 🤣
I probably won't use this lower with the magwell adapter in the long term, it was just the one I grabbed to play with.

Good eye - zinc is a marine grade metal that is non-magnetic. 😐

That's a good looking stick - where did you get that lightweight 9x19mm bbl?
Wut? Zinc isn't marine grade shit. It's used as a sacrificial galvanic anode in seawater.
Yup. It's a marine grade metal, lol. They're probably using Zamak, as they claim their new trigger is non-corrosive.
I'm willing to bet it's an LM series aluminum.
That would be better than Zamak, slightly worried about the sear over time. I wore out an Anderson sear dry firing it in a trigger jig over 9 months.
Yeah, uncoates zamak doesn't really stand up all too well in humidity. Anodized is best of course. But still, you might be right since they're made in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Although B&H is known for its high quality metal parts and at one time they were manufacturing tons of gun parts for Yugoslavia and had huge contracts with Volkswagen.
Wonder if it's just polished stainless steel and they don't have anyone to translate the Serbo-Croat word for stainless?
I ordered an Aimpoint ACRO, I really tried to avoid it but the limited run FDE will match my APC9K. It was not a good value.

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You paid for the coatings and the battery life, they are the best in the business. Enjoy that glass.
That's good lookin. If you want to mess around w/ spring rates & buffer weights, this guy's already done some research:

“Gentle Recoil” 9mm AR Project (with updates and testimonials)
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