What gun are you getting w/ your stimulus money

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Will you purchasing a gun with your stimulus money?

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  1. MTguy

    MTguy Member

    Who here plans on getting a gun or related item with their stimulus money? What are you getting?

    I myself have narrowed it down to a Taurus PT1911, a walther G22, or suppressor from Yankee hill that will fit my AR, Walther P22 and my Ruger 10/22.

    Hope this is the right area to post this :?
  2. I can't vote either way really. I already bought an NAA .22lr mini-revolver with some extra cash we had. So, whether i spend the money now or when the stimulus check comes, it's the same money. I will hopefully be able to stock up on some ammo though.

  3. yes, that's my glock 22 and my new computer parts.
  4. Im building an AR15 M4gery
  5. Yup, I have wanted a small inexpensive caliber to shoot lightweight targets with so I'm buying a Ruger Super Blackhawk chambered in 454 Casull.

    :) :)
  6. A guy I work with is bringing in a Taurus .38 revolver tomorrow for me to look at. He upgraded to a .357 to carry so he's selling his old carry weapon. Bought it off of a local deputy who used it as his off duty carry weapon. Don't know model or anything but hope to have some pics up of it this weekend.
  7. AGuyNamedMike

    AGuyNamedMike Lifetime Supporter

    Nada, it all went to pay off this year's tax debt.
  8. MalcolmStone

    MalcolmStone Member

    Okay, I'm the only person that voted 'no' but I would have voted 'yes' if I were getting a stimulus check.

    I've had some issues in the past with my student loans and the government has seen fit to allocate my 'stimulus' check to them. So in effect, MY economy will not be stimulated in any way shape or form.

    If I were to get the money, I would be buying either an AK of some variety or a Taurus PT145.

  9. 45Man

    45Man Member

  10. Can't at the moment. Still between jobs, and actually considering returning to school for an A.A.S in Computer Information Technology.

    Every penny goes toward bills/fuel/food/ammo. More firearms will come, make no mistake. Just not right now.
  11. MSCHU24

    MSCHU24 Member

    All of mine will go towards paying for the refinishing of our basement...officially.

    Un-officially...A Kel-tec P11 (don't tell my wife) :oops:
  12. Probably pick up an Enfield #4 Mk I or #1 MK III and an M95 Mannlicher from Century-- together that should run under $30o plus I will probably order some ammo. The rest will go to other bills...
  13. well, I have some bad news and good news. The bad news ( in an economy stimulating sort of way ) is I don't qualify to get any $$ cause between the wife and I, we make too much. The good news is (in an economy stimulating sort of way ) my wife spends EVERY friggin' nickel we make!!!!

    :evil: :evil: :evil:

    So, we're doing our part, but I sure wish I had some $$ to just spend on me!

    .... to stimulate the economy of course.......
  14. AndrewST

    AndrewST Guest

    You sound like my father. He makes very good money from his business' and my mother is very good at spending it!

    As for myself, I am spending the money to fix up the jeep we just purchased. However I will probably sell the PS3 bundle kit I won to purchase a new shotgun.
  15. Krippp

    Krippp Well-Known Member

    Glock 21sf in od green
    at least another mosin and last but not least...a saiga in .308
  16. No offense, but that Walther needs to get that front pistol grip removed and get that thingy on top of the scope removed.

    They make it look unnecessarily bubbaed up.

    I like the G22 though just without the red dot living on top of a scope.
  17. hero_saku39

    hero_saku39 Guest

    2 AR lowers and the rest (plus some additional funds) will go towards a P22, Taurus .40 24/7 pro compact, and a Maveric 88.
  18. maybe a s&w sigma....
  19. I'm spending my money on a trip to KC. My oldest son is graduating from medical school!

    Also we'll have a family reunion with all sons, their wives, and their kids will be able to get together for the first time in a couple of years.

    I'm the proud patriarch of:
    3 sons
    3 daughters-in-love
    3 granddaughters
    2 grandsons