What gun did you buy today?

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  1. Dubar

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    I watched a video where the guy had a 1-piece rubber grip for his M57 that slides up onto the grip and Dremeled the inside out to make it fit the TT-33c. The grip was also too long and he made a block and glued it to the bottom of the mag instead of cutting down the nice-looking grip. Made the TT-33c more modern looking. Also saw they now have rubber grips for the TT-33, below $20, but if it fits my hand I'll leave the originals on.
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  2. lklawson

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    It means that this batch has hard primers. Usually it its believed to mean that this ammo was loaded for sub-gun use which are believed to have harder striking firing pins.

    I've seen this disclaimer before but not had the reputed issues.

    Peace favor your sword,
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  3. Think1st

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    I use plenty of PPU in other calibers in multiple pistols with no problems (9mm, .45 ACP, .357 Magnum, .44 Magnum in G19, P938, G30SF, GP100, Redhawk). Don't forget that old Combloc military ammo has harder primers. PPU's commercial ammo runs fine in guns.
  4. Think1st

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    Ya' know, I bought 10 H&K manufactured G3 magazines when they were selling for less than $3.00 each, and that was probably a year before I ever bought my PTR-91 GI R. Sometimes, you have to jump on ammo and mags before you ever get the gun just because those former two items can end up being harder to get or more expensive by the time you ever get the gun.
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  5. Dubar

    Dubar Supporting Member

    I have some PPU in other calibers and have no problems. Right now most everyone is out of stock so I can wait for some to show later.

    I need to get another mag though!
  6. Dagwood

    Dagwood Supporting Member

    My Chinese Tok ate anything I fed it and never had a problem. I should've hung on to that one. Super fun round to shoot. I have shot plenty of PPU ammo with no problems. I think they must just have to put the disclaimer to CYA.
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  7. Visper

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    Well I went and did it again... totally by mistake. I bid on a Norinco NHM-91 on GB. Figured what the hell, starting bid was low but they have been selling for 1k+ and figured no way I was going to win. Bid on it 8 days ago, and just got notification I won...

    Had one other bidder at the end of the auction and actually got it for $780.00. That's a steal considering they were going for $700+ prior to all this crap.

    Pictures incoming - I'm excited - now just to find the money >.>
  8. moona11

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    Order a new firing pin. I've replaced everyone of mine. And they needed it. Also replaced the springs.
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  9. Visper

    Visper AK = Automatic Killer!?! Supporting Member

    Here are a few pics. I have a few US made spare stock sets, may convert, need to order a pistol grip bolt and a tapco trigger set before they poof (they out of business... its a shame)

    NHM-91_01.jpg NHM-91_31.jpg NHM-91_02.jpg
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  10. OldOutlaw

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    That one you do not want to buy! I think the new PPU made more recently may work. Read details. I strongly suggest you just keep trying to find Romanian surplus ammo. Because of what you just found out is why I never bought a Romanian.
    Oh, and this ammo usually comes in a spam can. If sold by the box, seller has opened a can. Classic gets cans in once in awhile. But the ammo you need is getting real scarce to find.

    I suspect you will most likely find that commercial ammo you will have to pay for regardless of cost. The new commercial PPU I see is good for the TT-33. Kinda, maybe, perhaps?

    The rest of Communist military makers of ammo all used hard primers as far as I have ever known. Why? Because it was their favorite cartridge for many models of sub-machine guns where you dare not use softer primers.
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  11. Dubar

    Dubar Supporting Member

    Picked up the TT33C today from the LGS. Thing was covered in oil, but no comsoline. Still had to give it a bath to get all that oil off but I did give it a squirt just to keep things lubed. Finish appears to be fine and the bore looked shiny:

    DSCN0874.JPG DSCN0875.JPG DSCN0876.JPG

    1 or 2 nicks on the grips, but the rest is like new, made in 1952!

    I took everything off but the grips and the trigger, I like the way the fire control group comes out. Only had the recoil spring fly 1 time. The mag floor plate isn't as tight as my other pistols, need to figure out how to tighten it up, maybe it needs a stiffer spring. I'll have to check to see what other springs are inside but spare parts are on the list of things to get.

    I order 250rnds of new PPU yesterday, along with a spare mag.

    Looking at the photos there might be a bit of rust up inside the trigger so I'll look at that tomorrow, it was a bit "catchy" when I racked it but after oiling it it smoothed out some.
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  12. SWAGA

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    I shot low with mine so I wasn’t understanding the sights or the combat aim or whatever it’s called.
    I’m guessing it’s one of these cover the target with the front sight kinda guns.
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  13. Dubar

    Dubar Supporting Member

    Hickok45 was shooting/hitting at his 80+yd gong on one of his videos!!! I guess the only sight adjustment is the 5-finger method :D

    I watched a video that showed how the trigger comes out, but I don't think theirs had the safety bar on it. I'm sure that interferes with removing the trigger?
  14. Think1st

    Think1st Supporting Member

    You might find that the floor plate tightens up when you load the magazine. It'll be interesting to compare it to the floor plate on the magazine that arrives with your ammo, though.
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  15. Dubar

    Dubar Supporting Member

    I took the mag apart and cleaned it, the spring is nothing compared to some of my other pistols mag springs.
  16. OldOutlaw

    OldOutlaw Supporting Member

    Just see how the mag functions once you get your ammo in.
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  17. moona11

    moona11 King of you Monkeys Lifetime Supporter

    I replaced all the springs including the mag springs.
  18. Dubar

    Dubar Supporting Member

    Thanks guys!

    I thought I had a problem last night, couldn't pull the slide back, locked solid. Then I realized it was in 1/2-cocked position, no manual came with it so I'm learning as I go. :oops::rolleyes:

    So far I've been pretty lucky with the C&R guns I've purchased, none have been beat up enough to regret getting them.
  19. shepherd321

    shepherd321 Supporting Member

    358 win. like new, ex mag, bases, 100rds ammo. need to get low mount rings for it yet. was 815.00 otd

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  20. Visper

    Visper AK = Automatic Killer!?! Supporting Member

    Looks like a safe queen. Great shape!!

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