What gun did you buy today?

Discussion in 'General Firearms Discussion' started by Suicide-Salads, Nov 20, 2013.

  1. Rachgier

    Rachgier Administrator Staff Member

    Unless you want to go long distance with higher magnification and need more light gathering capability at full zoom.
  2. Pistolkitty

    Pistolkitty Supporting Member

    Nope, although you may find you'll want to upgrade that scope. Good guns. I have one in 6mm rem. Leupold on it.
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  3. Rachgier

    Rachgier Administrator Staff Member

    He did. Bushnell Elite 10x and 3/4" groups at 100y.

    That's what you get for skimming. Lol
  4. Hipointer

    Hipointer Member

    Well, I don't think so. Those M77's are pricey, and that one seems to be in very good shape. Nice rifle!
  5. ajole

    ajole Supporting Member

    NE Utah
    Picked up another Marlin Model 60. $75 OTD, long tube with bolt hold open, so ‘85-‘87; I didn’t even look at the serial number, was trying to get it bought before they realized it was a bit special.
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    TNTRAILERTRASH Supporting Member

    Didn't know they had bolt hold open. Mine is a '78
  7. ajole

    ajole Supporting Member

    NE Utah
    Started in ‘85, then a few years later they reduced the tube to 15 rounds, so there’s not many of the LRHO units with an 18 round tube, but I have two.
  8. Visper

    Visper AK = Automatic Killer!?! Supporting Member

    Well, still considered kinda a "gun".

    Needed something for annoying varmints like racoons etc., they eat the crap out of the corn I put out for deer, but today was the last straw when they knocked over my automatic feeder and broke it... got pictures of them climbing on it like a jungle gym last night from my cam...

    Picked this up from Midway USA on their Black Friday sale, a Ruger Impact Max 22.

    Was $90 bucks off, so got it for $89.00. My very first air rifle since I was a kid with a daisy pump/lever.

    Picked up some 22 Pellets on Amazon for $17.00 for 1k.

    Should be fun and I won't feel so bad shooting those and not touch my 22lr stash.

    Here is a pic:

    ruger pellet.JPG

    TNTRAILERTRASH Supporting Member

    I didn't buy one. Local guy at the gun show swapped me my NIB never shot G48, for his 10rd test shot G43X. I said I wished I had bought a 43X over the 48. The short barrel hit his bifocal line in his glasses and was hard to deal with.

    Win-Win! ;)
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  10. ichthyo

    ichthyo Lifetime Supporter

    I bought a Mitchell High Standard Trophy II .22 LR target pistol. As you can see the gun was in a fire. This one is intriguing to me. I wouldn't touch a burnt high powered rifle or pistol, but I may get away with it on a .22. It is stainless steel. It will be interesting to see what the surface looks like with effort. All the springs will have to be replaced as they likely have lost strength. It is tapped for a rail, so I will likely not have iron sights, maybe a reddot.

    If I can get it to function, I will start out with some 700 fps .22 just to see if it can handle it. The big question is how strong the steel is after the burn. This may be a waste of time, but I should learn from the experience. So, this is the before picture. I'll post the after if I decide it can be salvaged. The second photo is what they look like in good shape.

    Screenshot_20201129-220351.png 23719851_2.jpg
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    TNTRAILERTRASH Supporting Member

    Let me be the first.........that'll buff out :D
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  12. I've purchased two pistols that were "fire" survivors: A Ruger P94 40S&W and a Beretta 21A .25ACP. Neither actually was in a fire, however they did get pretty darn hot:
    The Ruger was baked in a stove where a hubby had stashed it unbeknownst to his wifey, who one day decided to do some baking and preheated the oven to temps high enough to cook off some rounds.
    The Beretta was hidden in a compartment next to a chimney, a fire was lit, temps got high enough and the rounds also cooked off.
    I cleaned them up and replaced the springs, and gingerly test fired them until I gained confidence in them.

    As you can see the Ruger came out relatively unscathed. (The magazine had been removed prior to my acquisition.)

    The Beretta looked fine, but the magazine was still in it and was a biotch to get out of the mag well. This is how it looked when I got it.

    @ichthyo is going to have a much bigger challenge than I had, but I have no doubt he'll be successful.
  13. Dubar

    Dubar Supporting Member

    At least the mag won't fall out while you're handling it!
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  14. ichthyo

    ichthyo Lifetime Supporter

    The on
    The one thing I have going for me is stainless steel is resistant to warping. Some types of stainless can't be hardened by fire either. I don't know if this gun's steel is magnetic or not.
  15. shepherd321

    shepherd321 Supporting Member

    Glad that dry spell is over. Reason for purchase, I already have 2 extra mags.

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  16. Bought a Tisas 1911A1...45acp...sang the song myself...as new wid box and all papers...unused cleaning kit...appears unfired...

  17. Dagwood

    Dagwood Supporting Member

    Turkish guns are nice. Never met one I didn't like. Nice score REDD!
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  18. OldOutlaw

    OldOutlaw Supporting Member

    Ordered another S&W SW22 Victory pistol. Now the wife can shoot one while I use the other. These Fibre Optic sights front and rear really help accuracy. Super accurate pistols for sure. Had to pay $10.00 more for this one though. Free shipping for $399.00 plus $28.00 Sales Tax. $427.99 total.
    • Removable Interchangeable Match Barrel
    • Steel Reinforced Polymer Thumb Safety
    • Picatinny-Style Rail Included
    • Fiber Optic Front Sight
    • Adjustable Fiber Optic Rear Sight
    • (2) Ten-Round Magazines Included
    • Adjustable Trigger Stop
    • Stainless Steel Frame
    • Textured Grip Panels with Finger Cuts for Easy Magazine Removal

    But it came in a large box. Opened it and looky here!
    Caldwell Targets, Shooting Glasses in a Case, Bore Snake, Ear Muffs, and the M&P Pro Tac Handgun Case. All at no charge! On the label of the gun carton, it is labeled "SW22 Victory with Range Pack." The vendor I ordered it from showed a blip about a range pack. But no one else on the net I found offered this. Strange???


    On Amazon, that bag alone sells for $21.00. Don't know what the other accessories sell for. But, a very nice add on by S&W.
  19. ajole

    ajole Supporting Member

    NE Utah
    For $400, it darned well SHOULD have come with the extras.
    I bought mine for $300. Of course, that was in 2 PC. That’s the year 2 Pre-Covid, for the non historians.

    I argued for BC, Before Covid, but the anti-religious shut that one down.
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