What gun did you buy today?

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    You said it brother :thumbsup:
  2. IMG_20210122_001931470_HDR.jpg I picked up the auction pieces I mentioned a few weeks ago. Pic, so it happened, okay?
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    Nice bunch.
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  4. Sweet!
    What model Titan is that (with the wood grips in the middle left)?
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  5. Per the auction house it's a "Titan Model Twenty Five".
  6. Thanks for the info and warning, Adam. I did a (admittedly scientifically questionable) magnet test, and the Titan's slide definitely pulls a magnet hard like the stainless steel pieces, and not meh like the Phoenix, Raven, and Lorcin.

    ETA: I found the box, which says "Model E27" so I'm going with that.
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  7. Sweet and definitely good to go! I used to carry a Titan on half cock with one in the chamber.
  8. I took most of them out to the range today. It was a good time, just plinking a steel human silhouette at 7-10ish yards for the mouse guns, and 50 yards for the Super Blackhawk.

    The Lorcin was the most favorable surprise in the fun plinker category. I had loading and ejecting issues with most of the pistols, but realized that I had sucked at removing the gunky preservative grease, because I had merely done functions checks and given the barrels a proper swabbing. I will try to suck less next time.

    The (single action) Super Blackhawk did *not* agree with me ergonomically, like, at all. I have girlie hands (hence my affinity for mouse guns) but I can handle a (double action) Super Redhawk in 454 Casull, and a Desert Eagle in 50 AE, just fine. This time though, two handed, one handed... nope, couldn't line up the sights for more than an instant. Kinda bummed because I really, really wanted to like it (and it was the reason I even participated in the auction) and I'm sure it will be a perfect firearm for someone with man hands.
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    NE Utah
    Try different grips before you flip it. The Super Blackhawk has larger than normal grips specifically.

    Unless you flip it for 2021 money, and laugh all the way to the bank.
  10. @Smile-N-Sunshine Not surprised about the Lorcin, my L25 always worked well. The Brownings can be problematic because they're so small it's hard to grip them well enough while not getting a case of slide bite.
  11. Good points, thank you. I'm looking hard at some Hogue grips, which appear similar to those on my Super Redhawk and GP-100. Yeah, I'll sleep better knowing I tried everything I reasonably could.

    2021 money is probably great if you can get it. My LGS says the local demand is all 9mm carry pistols, and seller must include a case each of defensive and range ammo.
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  12. Speaking of 2021 money...

    Yesterday at the LGS a guy paid $700 for a GSG 22. After he left I told the owner he should have given the guy a good night kiss after screwing him. Needless to say I can't post his response.
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    Famous last words.
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    I said that 3 pistols ago:rotfl::rotfl::rotfl:
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    Harumphh! Wasn't that 5 pistols ago? :lurk:
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    Not really. The only rifle not in my collection is the M40 clone build I sold because f**k Remington. I was down to ordering the Schneider SS match barrel for it and Remington screwed over the people of Ilion, took kick backs from NYS, and refused to warranty the bolt handle on my 770 saying, "I must not know how to properly operate a Remington bolt action rifle."
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    Shhhhh.....not so loud, my wife might hear you.:rotfl: :rotfl::rotfl:
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    Hell with ‘em. Sounds like a bunch of arrogant asshats.