What guns do the police seize most often?

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    About an 11 minuted, but pretty cool. Check it out

    I was mutli-tasking while I watched/listened.

    I caught 4 of the 5

    1- SW Sigma
    2- Hi Point, usually the C9
    3- Any common 22 Rifle
    4- Military surplus, like a Mosin or Mauser

    Someone let me know what the other one was LOL
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    I watched the video, interesting.

    4. SKS

    5. Saturday night special - .38 was mentioned

    Other models of firearms were mentioned along with modifications, of which the criminals don't care if they are illegal.

  3. I wouldn't consider this the a-z on this topic. Many of the quality guns they seize don't end up in the evidence lockers.
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    When I was a teen in the 1960's, I was close friends with two brothers whose older brother was a cop in Cleveland, Ohio. They explained to me that if their brother confiscated a very high quality gun that wasn't to his knowledge connected to a specific crime, instead of turning it in, he would keep it and give it to his family members. Both brothers each had a very impressive collection of guns. This was back in the mid sixties, I wouldn't think this could be possible today with the advances in law enforcement technology, computers, and record keeping since then. But then again, who knows?
  5. I'm sure it doesn't happen like it used to.
    But if a gun doesn't make it to evidence locker or in the reports. Who knows what happened to it.
    And cops tend to have a lot of pockets. I'm just saying
  6. I don't doubt this happens, but most cops know well enough not to lift a gun from a scene. The first question will be, "Where's the gun?" Unless he coughs it up, he's effectively obstructing justice, stealing evidence, falsifying official reports, etc. etc. I don't know a cop who will ever find a gun worth all that. He'll still get a reprimand for taking it in the first place, but he won't get fired/tossed in jail at least.
    But it depends by state. Some states require they be destroyed. But in most states, yup, they can end up in private police hands once the case is over. Some departments sell them back to dealers to get some extra cash for the department. Because remember, once the case is over, it's a clean gun again.
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    NY sells off any seized guns to FFL's, as long as they weren't used in the commission of a crime. A guy beat his wife and the state revoked his pistol permit for life. A history of DV and no pistol permit meant he could no longer legally own any firearms what so ever so they seized the entire collection and auctioned them off to pay for his fines and restitution, after the wife got a 50% cut. The guy had a fairly substantial collection.
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    Wait..........where are the evil AR's?
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    I noticed their .38 was looked like it was in bad shape. I hope they didn't shed a bad light on that caliber as a whole because there are a number of good firearms in .38 Special.
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    Our local PD auctions all the guns they seize off once a year, I have bought several at the auctions. And usually get them cheap or atleast at a good fair price below the market value.

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    When do they sell them to ship overseas? At the buy back programs?

    Then you might have a dirty cop that keeps one for a "drop gun."
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    I thought they seized just regular folks' guns.
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    Quite a few end up as training weapons. Or sold. But if it wasn't used in a felony they sometimes go back to another family member.
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    Does family member refer to a family member of the person who owned the gun, or does it refer to the police officer who apprehended the gun?
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    The family of the person it was taken from or some other reason. Suicide is a big one. Can't figure that one out.
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    Thanks for the info mmona11.
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    Who the h3ll is mmona11? :-D
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