What Halo Scope are you guys using?

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    Ok, you guys seen the 995 that I bought from chef Dennis. I go it with the ATI stock, the folding front and rear Iron Sights mounted on a full length top mounted rail, and a EOTech 512 Halo Scope. I then added the Ace Skeleton fixed Length butt Stock.

    Now while the EOTech is a great scope for a AR when shooting out at distances, I think it is over kill on a 995 that will be used primarily inside of 50 yards and for defense when the SHTF.

    So while I want to keep the irons for co-witnessing, I sold the EOTech back to Chef Dennis and I am looking for something else to replace it. What are you guys using for a Halo scope? Or do you have any other suggestions as to want to use to co-witness with the irons?

    Any help is appreciated.
  2. Well, you can always buy a Bushnell Halo for about 100 bucks less than and eotech.