What has our society turned into?

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    You can never underestimate the power of stupid people in large numbers, and you can never predict someone's behavior... those folks need to be burned at the stake... no flames, just heat.

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    Couldn't finish it. That was disgusting.
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    Sick crap like this goes on and the political retards want every one to go unprotected.
  4. IMHO, the Judicial System should be put on hold and the people who comitted these crimes should be sent to prisons in third world countries where this type of heinous abuse goes on daily. :evil: :evil:
  5. We'll fumble around this one for months - who's fault is it? They're just kids. They were unfortunates. So on and so on. It's society's fault....

    I believe there is a special place in hell for these people. There has to be.
  6. I used to manage a theater in downtown Minneapolis, the one in fact that made headlines for the lobby shooting during Boyz in the Hood (but my time was after that) I would be leaving work at 3am and 12yo kids would be outside the theater.
    The same kids who were dropped off at noon and the parents bought the tickets to R rated movies and the leave.

    We have 2 generations of kids who have never had parents teach right and wrong or even show the kids any attention. There are a lot of screwed up parents kicking out screwed up kids.

    My son has friends of the same age (11) whose parents have been buying them all the South Park DVDs as they come out and whatever games they want as well. While I let my kid play a lot of games I control them and ones I don't think he should play, not onle desn't he play, but I don't play around him. Needless to say it's annoying when I had to stop playing The Suffering or Condemened but gee I have a kid so I have to put him first. It's amazing how many parents don't care about the kid other than "I hope the brat leaves me alone"

    It's going to get worse before it gets better. And I'm sure a lot of Nanny Staters are going to use crap like this as an excuse to foist even more stupid laws on us
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    I don't know about that one skate. I don't think Hell even has a place for people like this...

    The things I think should happen to those people I will keep to myself, as they do not belong on the forum.
  8. IMO the courts nor anyone else should show any mercy towards them, no matter what their age or role in the viscious crimes they did.
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    That is screwed up man. Some people just deserve one to the back of the head.

    About 13 years ago, four guys I went to school with picked up a female hitch hiker and killed her in a way noone should ever be treated. I wont go into too many details but it involved shattering a beer bottle inside of her. They got caught because one of the guys was showing off her finger to his friends.

    We dont need horror movies anymore, society is bad enough.
  10. And people wonder why I want to stay on my property and away from people? :shock:

  11. i feel the same way.
  12. I remember high school ( 1983 was when I graduated ) some of the football jerks kicked over a girls wheel chair and the teachers and staff did a big fat nothing , so two of us geek loser types started beating on football players
    until they could no longer resist .
    end results we got kicked out of school and they called our folks, no action was taken against the foot ball players so this has been going on for a while now .
  13. Same. Terrible what people can do, society is just sickening.
  14. Society has turned into soccer moms.
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    horrible, simply horrible.
  16. Gentlemen this kind of behavior has been going on since we were living in caves and started throwing rocks at each other. The internet just lets us see more stuff from around the world that we would have never seen before.

    Why do you think the first knife/spear/gun/bomb was made? Either to protect someone or kill someone.

    Theres a dividing line in our world, always has been. Those of us that try to make our world better for ourselves and our familys. We own weapons to keep harm away from those we love and care for.

    Then there are those who just dont give a sheet about anyone but themselves. Instant pleasure at all times at any cost. As long as they got theirs then muck the rest of us. And if the want what you have, they ain't going to work for it....noooo. They just going to take it from you. Or try to.
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    Also people that commit these crimes are warped. I think many of them get that way because of the no spanking laws. The government prevents us from punishing our kids, from correcting bad behavior.

    I am not talking about beating kids. Yes that is wrong and should be stopped. But spanking and otherwise punishing kids for bad deeds is sometimes the only way to really get there attention and to get their nose strait.
    And yes I speak from experience.
    Many times while growing up it was what my mom and dad had to do to get me under control, And it worked quite well with the rest of the kids.
    Not one of us has ever gone to jail or been arrested for any crimes. No we are not perfect angles but the discipline given to us when we were young helped keep us away from bad elements, The discipline and having parents that took time to be involved in out lives, parents that were were more concerned about being parents and parenting us correctly than they were being out best friends.
    In the end we all love and respect our parents very much, for their discipline, love, guidance, their respect of us, and their sacrifices to be sure we had what we needed. Maybe not what we wanted but what we needed.
  18. In the past, people like these were removed from society, usually permanently.

    Now days they have rights, lawyers, counselors, therapists, 3 squares a day and will usually be turned back out to seek their next victim after a certain amount of adult "time out". :x

  19. Hang 'em high, I'll provide the rope.