What Hi Point to buy? Help me!

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  1. Hey everyone.
    I own a Ruger LCP with a CT laser for my “pocket carry” concealment weapon, so I’m not looking for a new Hi Point for deep carry.
    I’m looking for a Hi Point for the range, and to qualify with, for future needs.
    When I renew my CHL, I don’t want to rent a full size 9mm to qualify. I want to own one!
    So, for $169.99 at Gander Mountain, here in Houston, I can pick from the following:
    Hi Point JHP .45, Hi Point C-9 9mm or Hi Point JCP .40.
    I’ve owned the JHP .45 before and love it. I’m currently leaning with it.
    However, I realized that the C-9 9mm or JCP .40mm may be better for both target practice and qualifying, because of .40mm being more mainstream/affordable, etc…?
    What’s your vote?
    C-9 is smaller for concealment? If so, don’t need. JCP .40mm is full size?

    Isn't the .40 & .45 the same size weapon JHP & JCP?
    If so, I'd rather get the .45 since I owned it before.
    the C-9 isn't really a full size 9mm?
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  2. undeRGRound

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    JHP/JCP = Same Frame :D

  3. Go with your gut and get the .45. You're correct the C9 isn't "full size" (but it's big, LOL)
  4. undeRGRound

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    JCP holds 10,
    JHP holds 9, but the 45 is the beefier bullet!
  5. Would any of you try to qualify with one?
    I had to rent a full size 9mm when I qualified for my CHL.
    My father told me not to do the shooting test with my Ruger LCP.
    Would you qualify with the JHP if you had one?
  6. shepherd321

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    The C9 works best for me, anything greater in weight might be a hindrance for a rapid fire course.
  7. Ha, no rapid fire going on down here.
    My area ranges don't allow it, and when I qualified, it wasn't allowed.
  8. planosteve

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    Shadowlands, first, yes if needed I would use my JHP to qualify. It is accurate and reliable. I used my CZ75BD for my qualification as ammo is cheaper and I shoot it very well. I did not use my LC9 for qualification as I wanted a perfect score.
  9. Nice!!!! I once owned a CZ75B and it was awesome!!!
    Beating myself in the face with a brick for ever selling it.
  10. Yup I would use the JHP to qualify. It's accurate as can be.
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    You should have the little lady in your flickr account horsewhip your @$$
    for getting rid of that!:eek: :confused: :rolleyes: ;) :cool:
    wtf were you thinking??? :( dayum...
  12. I should have warned everyone about the photos... ooops!

    She does keep me inline at times. She didn't really know what I was giving up at the time. I do miss that gun.
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  13. OK, I am still interested in the C-9 simply for "cheaper ammo" reasons. But I think I would like it with the 10-round mag/extension.
    Would that make it more like a full size 9mm?
    Or if that's what I'm after, a JHP .45 would be more to my liking?
  14. Would the C-9 with the 10 round mag give me more of a full size?
    Would anyone of you qualify with that?

    Sorry for the dumb questions.
  15. Just buy the new JHP.You say your already accustomed to it.The C-9 mag isn't going to make any difference in anything?
    Buy a good revolver if your in doubt with 'qualifying'. Learning single action is a piece of cake.Get good with that and double action is even more rewarding to 'qualify' with.
  16. Why isn't she posing for pix with a gun?
  17. In Texas we can't qualify with a revolver and carry a semi-auto.
    To carry a semi-auto, you must qualify with one. So I don't want a revolver.
    I'm torn between a new Hi Point JHP or C-9 at $169.99, or a used Smith & Wesson SD or used Ruger P95, either for $300.00.
    Love the Hi Point price the best, since I could bank some, and God knows I need to.
  18. Good point! We did a shot like that many moons ago.
    I may beg her for another one day.
  19. colthrash

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    jhp, jhp, jhp, jhp, jhp, jhp,... did I mention the jhp?