What I want for Christmas...

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  1. Hi-Point to make pump action shotguns!


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    Why is it everyone wants Hi Point to make something they don't make. They make 380,9mm,40 S&W,and 45 ACP handguns and 9mm and 40S&W carbines and right now that is all Maybe just maybe they may add the 45 ACP carbine. They do not make 12 ga pumps 357, 50 cal, 30-30, 30-06, or 223.
    This is like saying you want a mini bike with a Harly motor on it Cmon people wake up and smell the coffee PLEASE
  3. Space

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    A mini bike with a Harly motor would be cool!
  4. I wish hi-point made mini bikes with harley motors :lol:
  5. bluecanary25

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    Ya'll thinking small....
    I wish they made 40 DD implants!!
    Jiggling provide by a Harley engine......... :wink:
  6. Retards; with sincere apologies to those with diminished capacities.
  7. Kelotravolski

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    when will high point come out with the 4595 minibike with harley motors?
  8. I wish Hi-Point made a motorccyle. Then I could afford one. :D
  9. hpman

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    I'm saving up for the hipoint 50 cal chain gun mounted on the sidecar of the evil black hipoint harley with dual belt fed 4595's mounted to the handlebars and a hipoint grenade launcher on the front fender.
  10. Whoop! Should you have so much sugar this late at night?
  11. Gramps

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    I think I saw my first one of those just yesterday, right after I ate the brownie my grand-daughter fixed special for me. You missed the twin Hi-point rocket launchers pointed to the rear in the black saddlebags though. I am glad someone else sees this stuff too. :wink:
  12. Kelotravolski

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  13. Lol. Okay, maybe not. I was just saying what I wished they made....I'd still like to have a nice, inexpensive, American made, lifetime-guaranteed, shottie. I know this is wrong of me. I apologize...lol.
  14. Get yourself a mossberg 500. Maybe not a lifetime guarantee, but made in the usa, good quality and unless you abuse it more than likely it will serve you for life
  15. What I would like to have for xmas is 10 grand to spend on nothing but guns and ammo :) :) :)
  16. hipoint.nut

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    I wish Hi-Point made a Carbine i could buy in California!
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    lmao, good stuff