Let us do the math and see just how extreme gun control-- ending with the removal of all firearms from the country-- would end affect so-called "gun violence."

There are roughly 33,000 deaths a year due to guns as noted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Here are the main reasons for the gun deaths: 60 percent suicides, 33 percent homicides (80 percent gang related), 4 percent justified, and 3 percent from accidents (which are at an all-time low). The main percentages stay pretty much the same year after year.

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Gun control focuses on law-abiding citizens who follow the laws. Background checks are focused on past behavior, they don't predict future behavior.

Criminals and terrorists will always be able to get, or make weapons, if not guns, then bombs and knives.

If there were no anywhere on earth, the number of suicides would be virtually unchanged. People don't commit suicide just because there are guns, the gun is just a handy way to do it. Also, the number of homicides would only decrease by 6 to 12 percent. People don't commit murder just because they have a gun, the gun just makes homicide easier and more efficient.

If all the guns on the planet were miraculously removed, the number of deaths would go down from 32,000 to about 28,160, for a savings of only around 3,840! It would not go to zero! Ever!

People are getting all worked up over about 3,840 deaths in a country of over 320 million people. If there are no guns, the deaths would not stop, the weapon of choice would change!

If their "real interest" is saving lives, how about this? Almost 200,000 people a year are killed by mistakes made by doctors. Over 1.2 million abortions per year. Over 18,000 drunk driving deaths last year. The list of causes of deaths over 3,800 people a year is almost endless.

A simple Pareto analysis is a good way to find the best candidates to start with in order to save the most lives, if that is their "real interest." But I suspect it isn't, it's really about "control."

-Joystick is a forum member.