What is a Mauser Chileno Model 1895 7mm Bolt Action worth?

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  1. I am wondering the approximate value of a Mauser Chileno Model 1895 7mm Bolt Action Rifle. I was offered this gun by a friend and he asked what I would pay for it but I have no clue. What is this gun worth? is it reliable to go shoot? Tell me anything you know, Thanks.
  2. This forum from about a year ago says $200-$295, can anyone confirm the price? I have a chance to get this gun for $90...Sounds great to me BUT its a friend out of state so i have to pay shipping and transfer, so I would be in on it at $150..Which does not sound as good as $90.

  3. I guess no one knows...hmmm
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    If bubba didn't get his hands on it, it would have been worth 250-300 dollars. The stock has been cut down and refinished by bubba though so it has lost all of its collector value. In the condition it is in, tops $100 as a shooter if the bore and head space is all good.

    Add in the shipping and FFL transfer fees and it will cost more then it is worth. Just my opinion, but I collect military arms that are in original condition.
  5. Thank you. I figured from other pictures that they cut down the stock but they did leave it in 7mm for some reason..they changed a lot of them out to 308 i think or 7.62x39.
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    Buy it for a shooter. As Flashbang said, it isn't a collector piece, but that rifle looks FINE, and in my area, you NEVER see ANY $100 rifles that look that good. Folks on the internet always say they are buying guns like that for $75, and they'd never spend $100 on it...but I've never seen one, and I'd jump all over that gun if you just want a 7mm rifle to shoot or sporterize.

    The Ludwig Loewe Mausers are great, the 7mm is a great round, the carbine length is a plus, and that one looks very clean.

    I have a Spanish 1895 made at that factory, it's got the smoothest bolt of any centerfire bolt gun I own. [​IMG]
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    I own the "short-barrel" carbine version of the 1895. The full size has a 28 or 29" barrel I think. This barrel is 21". The adjustable rear sight adjusts from 200 to 2000 yards. I used the rifle for 25 years for deer hunting. For a 120 year old gun, this little sweetheart is a slayer. My best shot was estimated at over 1200 yards with iron sights, Curlew Washington about 1977. The best offer I've had for this rifle was two years ago (I don't want to sell it, jicyw) when I guy flashed $250... a very fair offer if it had been in average condition. But mine is in fine condition, all the serial numbers match, and the stock is original and NOT refinished. Its just been sitting around since I was forced to stop hunting due to age and spinal cord damage 2000. As a shooter's weapon, anyone who has one and uses it will tell you that it is great fun to shoot. I will tell you that for a bolt-action carbine, it is probably the most accurate gun you will shoot. So if you're a shooter and can get one in good condition, $75 is pretty good. If it is in fine, original condition, paying $100 for one would be SUPER. In mint condition, all original, with matching serial numbers, cleaning rod and sling swivels, I was told by a real collector two years ago that it could be worth $300+.
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  12. 1895 Chilean Mauser Calvary short rifle

    I picked one up at work that had been shipped as a sample from the supplier for the buyer to inspect for approval for stocking and selling. All serial numbers matched with the Chilean crest on the butt stock. Cleaned the bore and miked it, measured like new and no pitting. I lucked out and paid $35 for it this Spring. Disassembled it for cleaning and restoration, lots of sand embedded and minor pitting on the barrel where it is in contact or covered with the stock. I'm keeping it original. The 35th edition of the Blue Book values lists it at $80 for 60% up to $650 for 100%.

    During the same time frame we had a 1895 Chilean Mauser Cavalry Carbine 7mm come in with the saddle ring intact. The serial #'s didn't match and the butt stock had a horizontal crack. The Chilean crest was crisp and clean on the barrel and after scrubbing down the bore it shined like the sun with no visible pitting. I believe I had it priced at $325 and it sold after several months after being displayed.