What is better the 40. or the 45. ?

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    I own a C9 now and very happy! and I am thinking for getting a 40 or a 45 and dont know what one to get? Is there any problems with eather one that I should be aware of before I just get the bigger cal 45? because its bigger? Is one better as far as FTF or jamming or anything else? The price is the same on eather one around $150. I would greatly appeciate the input on these guns. Pros and Cons and please be as honest as possible. Thanks a lot.
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    I think it's a cartridge choice over the choice of model... Do you prefer to throw .40 or .45 down range? There's the answer I'd go with.


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    doesnt really mater price isnt that different in ammo. I am just courious about the performance of the two pistols if there is a difference. also what does the abreviations mean after the cal size like S&W or JCP?
  4. .40 Smith and Wesson , round developed by Smith and Wesson

    .45acp Automatic Colt Pistol round developed for Colt automatic pistols

    I have both and prefer the .40 cal myself, and that is after shooting the .45acp for over 30 years.

    Both pistols are good pistols, the choice is yours.

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    Thanks Waltham41. any one else with a different opinion? and why?
  6. Also,

    .40JCP is the model number for the .40 cal pistol

    .45JHP is the model number for the .45 pistol
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    Just my opinion. It really doesn't matter what caliber a BG absorbs, as long as he/she is absorbing it. From what I understand .40 is a lot cheaper to shoot than .45. And being proficient with your pistol is the most important aspect of shooting it in the first place. A .22 can be deadly from 300 yards if properly aimed and fired (you can see the results yourself on this forum).
    Bottom line: If I hear a large boom and am getting shot IT IS GOING TO HURT and I am going to stop doing whatever I was doing that caused me to get shot, I won't care if it is .40 or .45. Unless I am a really, really, high BG and it won't matter what you shoot me with. I see a lot of discussions on calibers but never see an opinion from someone who has actually been shot. All your choice, though.
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    I went with the JHP simply because of the round. .45ACP. Then, I got a 1911, chambered the same.....
    I also bought a C9, since ammo is inexpensive to shoot. Its a tough call, dude. I guess, it all boils down to you, and what you decide.
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    I picked the JCP because the .40S&W is the round of choice for LE and FBI, it's cheaper to shoot and has he same take-down capability, both can drop a BG in 1 shot from what I hear.

    the JCP takes 1 more round but the recoil is slightly more though, well it's sharper.
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    What would you like to throw down range? A 90 mph baseball or a 75mph softball? You get the idea.
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    A baseball!!! Softballs are for girls! lol... But any ways is there a difference in performance as far as dependability between the two. Is one known to be a better performer than the other? which one is was made first by HP? and why? My reason for asking is when I buy one I won't buy the other because they are so similar in stopping power. So I just wanna make sure that I get the right one that will have the least problems for life. So far the only thing that is swaying me is the price of ammo, the 40 is a bit cheaper. Is there a problem with hallow points with eather of these guns? or FTF or jamming more. Which one is more problem free in general? I am sure they are both good guns I love my C9
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    Ok I am gonna buy either a 40 or 45 today and I need some convincing here what do I do I can't buy both so.....what do I do? help... if I have the C9 already is the 40 that much bigger in stopping power?
  13. I think it would be, but I am no expert or anything. The 40 basically is a compromise between the 9mm and the .45 as I see it, it has both of those rounds qualities

    I know I would not want to be shot by one thats for sure.

    You can get .40 cal ammo in 180 gr slugs, and the heaviest common .45 round is a 230gr, and that 180 is traveling faster than the .45's 230 gr round.

    The .40 does have a sharper recoil in my experience so you have to watch that when shooting it.

    Both pistols will serve you well, and they are about even when it comes to pros and cons of the weapons, IMO

    Go with your gut, and whatever you get you will be happy.
  14. you can't go wrong with the .45....
  15. got them both and love them both. if you are going to do a lot of shooting the 40 will cost you less on the ammo but then the 45 is a sweet gun too. I like to shoot them both and havent had any trouble with either one. they are both accurate, and a blast to shoot. hey have fun chooseing the one you like. nice problem to have.
  16. My son's department just traded in their Sig .40's for the Sig .45acp. They had a couple of incedents where the .40 failed to penitrate car body/windows.
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    My hypothesis is that you will have both within a year. :D
  18. .40's almost as powerful and has almost half again the capacity. My money's on the .40.
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    Well I did it after much thought I picked the .45 JHP. The ammo isn't that much different and if I have the C9 already what the heck go big! the gun cost me 189.95 OTD I called the pawn shop I got my C9 from and asked them for a deal if I got it from them because of my previous perchase and he said he would eat the tax so I said deal I will be down in a half an hour and I will pay cash. This is the going rate in Phoenix 189.95 plus tax I called pretty much every pawn shop in the valley and went to quite a few also. I also went to like 5 gun stores and they all wanted to tell me that hi points wern't worth 2 cents and they didn't carry them and will not work on them if they are broken. And if I wanted to sell one later there return value isn't very good eather. I just figure they have probly never shot one and could make any money on one in there shop. I thought it was funny cuz they all told me to go to a pawn shop. Sorry for the book of a post just wanted to fill you in on my adventure on finding my new HI POINT .45 JHP!