What is close?

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  1. I want to get one of these for my C9. However, I'm not sure which one would come closest to fitting my C9. I can make it fit if it will come close, I'm not opposed to using a little elbow grease to get it to work. Check out the site and let me know please.

  2. yep, the crimson trace laser looks cool but i don't expect they will ever make hi point part. for any of their laser cost more(some time twice) of HP cost. don't know which one come close though. don't want to ask those gun shop snob neither. good luck with your try, let us know how it fit.

  3. sorry no advice here either. i can't see buying a laser that is worth more than your gun.
  4. There was an article on here somewhere about a guy buying a laser site from Wal-Mart that was intended for the air guns they have. It costs like $20.00. He has some photos of the modification he had to do the laser to make it fit right.

    I am considering doing what he did, but possibly putting some industrial strength velcro on the bottom of the slide and on top of the laser after modifying the top to fit, so the trigger guard mount won't be under so much strain.

    I don't know what the link is but look through the C9 stuff and you will find it.

    Those that you provided the link for cost way to much money for a gun that only cost between 139 to 159 dollars. I don't mean the gun is cheap...well you know what I mean...the gun is cheap but I don't think it is junk...this is a great gun and the price is just right for most people who want a gun to work not to look pretty.
  5. That was my post: http://hipointfirearmsforums.com/Forum/viewtopic.php?t=4313&highlight=.
    And that was my son who posed the question.

    My trigger guard isn't under any strain. With the right spacers and the use of a knife to trim, it is well mounted without any bending of the guard.

    Of course, a son never listens to his father :lol: :roll:
  6. Dang, didn't even pay attention to the price. Getting $20, for a laser sight, is like trying to get water from a rock. It just ain't gonna happen. :roll: